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Curiosity is our first nature.


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Sounding clear > sounding clever.


Ego is our number one enemy.


Small achievements matter big time.


Personality is everything.

In Their Own Words

This is what our teammates think about working at Singular
The whole day spent at Singular is full of funny moments, hard work, new experiences and unforgettable times. One part of the day that I like the most is the mornings. You have the morning coffee and everybody is at one place talking about random stuff. Even that you didn't had enough sleep you are ready for work in just a few minutes.

Dragan Mitevski

Front-end Developer
You will see that this is not a regular company right from the start. Hiring process is everything but shallow and boring. You will be valued for your skills & knowledge, as well as for your attitude & enthusiasm. Being part of Singular means pursuing things you are passionate about. If you're not afraid to be dedicated and persistent, work smart - but at the same time to have fun, laugh hard and reach your full potential - this is the right place for you!

Biljjana Vidoevska

Communications Manager
Being part of Singular is much more than just working at a company. I get up in the morning knowing that my day will be full with excitement, I’ll learn something new and in meantime will be surrounded with joyful and inspiring people. The team in Singular is pretty much like a family to me. This is the thing that drives me each day to give my best and this is the reason why I love Singular.

Anita Asprovska

Web Developer