Achievement unlocked: 5-year anniversary at Singular with Elena, Dragan and Darjan

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📅 It seems that only yesterday Elena, Dragan and Darjan started their #SingularStory. This year we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our journey together. Throughout this journey, we created unforgettable memories and memorable moments. Bellow, you can read all about their highlights throughout the past five years, learn more about their roles and the plans for the future. ✨

It’s been years since you’ve started working here, but there are surely a couple of newbie moments you still remember from the early days. How did your #SingularStory begin?

Elena: My #SingularStory started with Singular’s 3rd birthday party: intense, dynamic, fun, and definitely memorable. Two months into the position, the marketing team organized a corporate event for the entire Skopje Office plus 100+ external guests.  The aim was to increase brand awareness of Singular, a relatively new company in the competitive IT market in North Macedonia. Having such a short period of time to get to know the company culture and reflect that in the event’s theme was a challenge. Lucky for me, I had friendly colleagues to share vivid stories about the early days at Singular and help me immerse into the Singular Story. 

Dragan: Yes, it’s been years, but it feels like yesterday. It was actually my first working experience, so for me it was an opening to the professional world. I applied here on the recommendation of a colleague, who singled out Singular as a great place to work with cool people and Outstanding working culture, and he was right. An interesting fact is that my first working day was exactly on Singular’s birthday, so from the first day I had the opportunity to attend one of the best parties in Singular, and I immediately met my colleagues in a more relaxed light.

Darjan: I must admit that it was a difficult start for me since I started at an entry level position and most of the work tasks and practices were new to me, creating many unpleasant and funny moments. One of them was when I had to decide whether to make an escalation towards the product teams, I was always worried about the feedback that I might get next time I met them in the kitchen or at the balcony.

Singular 3rd Birthday Party

Tell us more about your role at Singular. How has it changed over the past 5 years and more importantly, how has that changed you professionally & personally?

Elena: I started as a Content Creator in the marketing team, focusing on the story about the people that build the outstanding Singular software. The writing process required frequent communication with people across teams and offices. One of my favorite articles from that time is actually titled The people behind the product. The initial experience provided insight into the products, the agile methodologies used in the development process, and interpersonal connections across different teams. I am truly grateful to my colleagues, who have selflessly shared their knowledge with me. Gradually learning more about the development process and the product portfolio, I got involved with product marketing and event management. This led to my current position as Marketing Director, covering all marketing activities and communications with internal and external stakeholders.

Dragan: In Singular I started working as a L1-Service Desk engineer, which for me was a great starting point. Within this role you can learn a lot because you communicate and work with all departments and levels of the organization. You get the knowledge about how the company works, you get domain knowledge and also you get to know the customers, their requirements and needs. My next role was as a Product Support Lead. It was quite a challenging role and that helped me improve my organizational and managerial skills. My current job position is system administrator. I think that I found myself here the most and it suits me the most.

Darjan: My journey started back in 2016 and from this point of view, I wouldn’t have chosen a better starting point than Singular. As it is mentioned before, I started at an entry level position as a Service Desk Support Engineer and after a couple of years when I accumulated the required product knowledge and experience, I got promoted to a product support specialist. The next step for me was very important because I got promoted to my present role as a Lead of the Service Desk Support Team. This role has a lot more organizational challenges, as well as leading my team with my previously gained experience. To achieve this progress, I had help from the senior team members, but what is more important, most of my knowledge I managed to build on my own. Since the beginning, I learned how to work as a part of a team and gained confidence for more independent problem solving and decision making.

Team building, Bansko

During your time at the company, you’ve been to a lot of parties & team buildings, but also went through thick & thin while working with your team. What’s the most memorable moment you’ve shared with the #SingularTeam so far?

Elena: Definitely the trip to Malta where Singular exhibited at SiGMA, one of the greatest iGaming shows in Europe.  Professionally, this was one of the best opportunities to implement a branding campaign across our digital and physical channels. That year, we did a complete revamp of the webpage and rebranded our product portfolio. The event was our central point for launching a new product marketing campaign reflecting the three pillars of the company: innovation, flexibility, and reliability. At the same time, this was the highpoint of my career for networking within the industry. 

The same year, Singular was awarded Platform of the Year at the SiGMA Awards. My mind was blown away. Plus, teammates from across the three offices: Tbilisi, Sliema, and Skopje, attended the event giving us a chance to get to know each other a bit more and strengthen the connections across locations. It was a week filled with meetings, panel sessions, casual hanging out with the team, sight-seeing all the touristic posts in Malta, and of course, the well-known Singular partying. A lot of dear memories from this trip.

Dragan: So far I have attended many team buildings and other Singular parties. I must say that all of the parties and after parties were fierce and unforgettable. But if I have to choose one as the most memorable, I have to say that it was the team building in Bulgaria. It was full of different team activities and it was a lot of fun.

Darjan: Singular’s parties and team buildings were always a unique experience, full of surprises and it is difficult to emphasize just one moment worth sharing, but if I must point out, I will say that the team building event in Mavrovo (2017) in which Singular participated alongside with other IT companies, was the most memorable experience for me as it was a good mixture of beautiful nature, wild parties, and well-organized sport competitions.

Team building, Mavrovo

Now that you’ve reached the 5-year milestone, you might have thought about other positive experiences that the future can hold for you. What would you like to accomplish or experience next on your journey here at Singular?

Elena: A lot has changed in the last five years. The company has truly evolved into an international brand that breeds innovation. Recently we shared the news about Flutter acquiring Singular due to its technological capacity and company culture.  This speaks loud about what the team has achieved in the last decade. I truly hope that this new chapter creates opportunities for us to continue to grow in our professional careers and express our creative potential. I am particularly intrigued by the opportunity to be part of a diverse marketing and communication community as part of the international division of Flutter. So far, there has been plenty of ideas exchanged via the communications platform unit. I can’t wait to get even more exposed to international projects as Singular continues the faced paced growth with Flutter.

Dragan: As a new chapter that I, like the rest of the Singular team, look forward to is Flutter, as I believe that working with a company such as Flutter will bring many new challenges and open up many perspectives and opportunities.

Darjan: I’ve been working in Singular since its early days and took part in the process of creation of the current Service Desk Team, so my next accomplishment would be to successfully manage that team after the recent Flutter acquisition. I’m eager to see how the team will face the incoming challenge of supporting more brands and find out what interesting new roles might come out in the newly shaped organization. 

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