A World of Opportunities: In-Demand Non-Tech Roles in Tech

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The tech sector has become the place we all hear stories about how great it is, from salaries on the rise to having a real chance of making an impact in the world. Sure, the industry isn’t perfect and it certainly has its pitfalls. But when you look at the big picture you can easily spot many things for which you don’t get to hear from people working in more traditional sectors and workplaces.

Up until a decade ago, this was a place where only people with tech careers could work in. But the immense technology development and its intertwined fate with our day-to-day lives have made it more open to welcoming people outside of it. This takes us to an awesome fact that will put a smile on many non-tech faces: The tech sector is hiring non-tech people almost just as much as tech people. Just take a look at these Glassdoor statistics:

Source: Glassdoor Economic Research (Glassdoor.com/research)

In this article, we are going to cover a couple of in-demand non-tech roles. But first, let’s take a look at some of the benefits a professional can get from working in tech – in case you still aren’t convinced enough. 😀


The best of benefits

There are many reasons why people want to work in tech, and having the access to great benefits is certainly one of them. Think of private health care plans, gym memberships, free food & drinks, education packages, flexible working time, the option to work remotely, and on top of it all, earning a great salary. Sounds like a dream, except that this one is real, and it means working in tech.

Positive work environment

You will come across many tech companies that have office parties, cool team classes, playrooms with video games, pinball, or even a pool table. However, creating a positive work environment isn’t only about having fun. Many of these companies work towards establishing an uplifting & encouraging workplace where people can be productive & motivated through various wellbeing activities.

Never the same, it is always dynamic

Given how technology is changing by the minute, the market requires to be constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and updates. Tech companies really have no choice but to always move with the times. That being said, you will never be stuck in the same place for a long time. You will always have to improve your skills, learn new ones, and be comfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone.

Opportunities for everyone

Technology has become such an inevitable part of so many aspects of our lives. This forced the tech industry to welcome, if not need professionals outside of it. The ever-changing nature of the sector opened up a window of opportunities for people coming from marketing, design, data and analytics, finance, business development, etc. If you ever wanted to work in tech without actually being a developer, now is the time to take your chances to work in one of the fastest-growing and dynamic industries.


Take a look at these insights by MeetFrank. They show which job positions were mostly offered on the European market vs how many applications were received. This is a tech world, and IT professionals will always remain #1. But, what these statistics also show is how popular other non-tech roles currently are, and unfortunately, how rough the competition is.

Source: MeetFrank

If you already have experience in a certain profession that’s currently in demand in IT, you can just switch workplaces. But, here’s the catch: you must be tech-savvy. It’s fine if you don’t understand a single line of code, but not having basic technical skills can lower your chances of landing your non-tech role in tech.

This shouldn’t discourage you from applying for that dream job. With the right attitude and skills, you can rightfully earn your spot in the IT world. You should always strive towards investing in your tech skills and staying up-to-date with current trends.

That being said, we can now move on and take a look at some of the in-demand non-tech roles that really made their way in tech for the past couple of years. The good news is – it is very likely they will remain so in the future as well.


UI/UX Designer

Developers are the ninjas behind software development. But very often many of them lack the knowledge & training required to create a user-friendly software experience & aesthetics. This is where UI/UX designers make their way to save the day and catch the eyes of the user. The user interface (UI) is all about creating a nice outlook each time the user interacts with the software. On the other hand, user experience (UX) makes it easy to interact with and intuitive. If creating visually appealing software products that invite users to engage & recommend, then you will find plenty of opportunities in the IT industry as a UI/UX designer.

Technical Writer

Software development is a long, complex process containing tons of technical information. It needs to be transformed into simple, easy-to-understand content for the end-users. Here’s where wordsmiths can step in with their superpowers and take over as a Technical Writer. The role requires in-depth product knowledge, plenty of attention to detail, as well as cooperation with other tech team members to ensure proper technical documentation.

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, your work includes bridging the gap between the tech team of the company and its (oftentimes) non-technical stakeholders. It requires great communication skills and an understanding of the industry that the company operates in. These skills will help you to transform business requirements into technological solutions. Business analysts aren’t usually required to code. However, being tech-savvy with thorough analytical skills will help a lot.

Account Manager

If multitasking is something that thrills you, you might have found your perfect non-tech job in IT. Account managers make sure the relationship between the company and its client is solid and runs smoothly. You are going to be the main point of contact whenever a designated client has any inquiries. If they come across certain issues, you need to address them with the relevant team and make sure they are being solved as soon as possible. 

Scrum Master

Scrum Masters ensure the tech team is going to produce deliverables within a given deadline. The role comes with plenty of responsibilities, but to narrow it just a bit – it includes coordination of project activities, implementing the best SCRUM practices, keeping the team organized and focused, as well as clearing any obstacles that may stand in the way. Coding isn’t usually a requirement, but very often a certain SCRUM certification might be needed.


It’s no secret – tech is thriving and it’s likely it will remain that way for a very long time. Don’t hesitate to try and see from your own experience what it would be like to work in this dynamic sector full of opportunities for growth and development. Chances are that you are going to love it so much that you won’t ever look back to working in a traditional workplace offering just a little taste of what tech companies can offer you instead.

As one of the leading software companies in the igaming sector, Singular is always on the lookout for ambitious people who want to join us on our quest on building the world’s greatest igaming software. You can join us too, even if you aren’t a developer as we regularly have non-tech roles to fill in. So, if you want to take your chance on working in tech, we encourage you to check out our career page for current job openings. Can’t wait for you to join our team and start your own #SingularStory! 😀

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