A year in review: The best of 2021

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Before we begin the new year and establish new goals, let’s have a look back on the events that marked last year.

We managed to overcome all the challenges that come with living and working during a pandemic for the second year in a row. From bad internet connection, forgetting to switch your mic off, to family members walking in during your meetings, we have seen it all. However, having amazing colleagues and a great system where you can thrive certainly made the whole experience a lot easier. Additionally, when you hear exciting news, everything seems normal and thankfully last year was filled with them.

Let’s look at all the good, the great and the outstanding things that made 2021 our best year so far. 🤩


Joining the Flutter Entertainment Plc family was one of the most significant adjustments that happened last year. Flutter acquired 100% of Singular, and now Singular represents one of the international divisions. This is one of the biggest recognitions that can be received. As a member of the Flutter family, we gained access to a diverse range of projects around the world, as well as possibilities for professional development and promotion.

We can’t wait to see where this chapter of our story takes us, and we look forward to the journey.



Our Skopje office celebrated its 8th birthday in style, and it was spooky, to say the least. Having an online party doesn’t mean that we can’t take it to the next level. The Tbilisi office on the other hand got up close and personal. They managed to celebrate their 12th birthday live with the whole team.

Our team is always expanding, and we always look forward to getting to know our new teammates. Across all of our offices, our team got over 40 new reinforcements. Read all about their stories and their super powers after hours in Meet the newbies.


In the past 12 months, we had various campaigns. From our beloved Career Maps to BeTechReady, we got to share a little more about the people behind Singular and what they do on a day to day basis. We also chose to challenge gender inequality, to encourage our female teammates, to support them and to help reduce the gender gap.

Since we spend most of our days in our home offices, establishing a healthy and positive work environment is one of our main priorities. One of the integral parts of the employees’ mental health and wellbeing is communication. Throughout May, the Mental health awareness month, we held  a workshop focusing on our communication skills and how they can help us create a better environment for everyone.

Sport is our passion, hence following the Football federation of Macedonia and their accomplishments on the Euro2020 was a no brainer. The beginning of Euro2020 marked the beginning of competition of our own. Our desire to see the outcome of the matches was growing as the games went on. In the end, we learned that there are a couple of serious competitors in our ranks.

#WeSupportSport and RK Vardar are one of Macedonia’s brightest stars, and it was only a matter of time before they would receive our support. It is a great honour to enable and be a part of their success.

We are always on the lookout for new members to join us and help us be ahead and achieve outstandingness. But finding the right fit is never an easy task. For this reason, we decided to include all of you, yes you! Our External Referral Program is where you can suggest candidates that you think fit our company and in return, you will be rewarded accordingly. You can learn all about it here.


Even though attending events live wasn’t an option, that didn’t stop us from participating in online events and there were lots of them. We kicked off the year with the European Gaming Virtual MeetUps, where we got to hear our CEO George Shamugia speak on a panel discussion. He also was a speaker at the Tech Conference Europe – Virtual Edition.

Next up was the SiGMA Roadshow, where we had our virtual stand. The first stop was Ukraine, followed by Las Vegas, Manila and last but not least Germany.

We were also a part of the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit and got to choose our favourite code drawings from the #DrawSomethingChallenge.

Tech Lead Oto Lolua took part at the Polar Talks Skopje 2021 and we got to see our Georgian colleague interact with the Macedonian tech community.


Sharing is caring, so whenever an opportunity presents itself, we always use and share our experiences and thoughts on various matters. Our management, including George Shamugia – CEO, Darko Gacov – COO and Alan Aquilina – Head of the Sports Betting Platform, Sanata Chargazia – Head of HR and Elena Mihajloska – Head of Marketing all got a chance to share their opinions on a range of topics.

Here you can find a part of their interviews and articles:


Over the years our hard work has always been rewarded. This year we got to check off some of the things that have been on our bucket list.  We were featured in this year’s Global Gaming Awards Magazine among the finalists, we were shortlisted in three of the most competitive categories at eGR B2B Awards and we even received the GOLDEN BRAND Award, which is basically the “Oscars of the Business World” in Georgia.

Our CEO George Shamugia was one of the #winners in the Leadership category at last year’s 5 Star Top 20 Awards and last but certainly not least COO Darko Gacov was listed as one of the 50 most influential people in the industry on Gaming Intelligence Hot 50.

And to anyone reading this, we wish that you become the best and most outstanding version of yourself throughout this year. We hope you will stick around with us and see what we have in store for you in the following twelve months.

Time flies by when you’re having fun right? We would like to thank everyone who has had the opportunity to collaborate with us over the past year. Above all, we want to express our gratitude to the most outstanding team, which demonstrates that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

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