The iGaming industry is continuously changing. If you want to stay competitive you have to be very innovative. Important to realize that a diversified team can deliver innovative software. For that reason, we welcome both experienced software engineers and young ambitious students. Singular is proud to have some of the best developers in the IT industry. We also offer internships for aspiring developer, QA or System engineers.

Every person has a specific role in the team. Likewise, every single individual contribution is of immense importance. At the same time, teams make knowledge sharing a priority. Knowledge grows only when shared.

Our Second Home



Skopje is the location of our biggest office. Skopje is a city of narrow streets, stone bridges, and Old Bazaar. Nestled in the heart of the city, Singular Skopje is a neat five-store building. The unique and playful interior makes the office environment more fun and refreshing. The x-box room is the place for a quick nap or a stress releasing game play with your teammate. If you feel like snacking, the kitchen is always stored with chocolates and cookies. You want to go all Jim Jarmush style and have a coffee and a cigarette, there’s a balcony on every floor. Finally, the parking lot in the backyard is often transformed into a perfect BBQ place.



Tbilisi is the land of colorful traditions, cuisine and people. Tbilisi Office is a big, welcoming, open space located in the busy Saburtalo district. There are cozy corners for each team. Also, an x-box area to unwind from a busy day. Of course, there is a bar-styled kitchen and a meeting space where the #teamwork magic happens! If you love reading, we have a great news for you! Singular Tbilisi is a dream come true for any true bookworm. On the bookshelves you can find everything from fiction classics to handy manuals.



The dynamic island of Malta is filled with vast opportunities for working in the iGaming World. Many expats from all around the world are coming exactly here to build their careers in the industry. In fact, Malta is the iGaming Hub that brings the B2B network together, and we’re so happy to have an office there! After all, who wouldn’t prefer a place close to the sea and all the beach fun? #SingularMalta is our latest office addition – a spacious, modern office in a business center located in Sliema, a resort town ideal for both work & pleasure. If you ever wish to talk to our sales team and enjoy the Mediterranean climate at the same time, this is the place to be.

Party On

BBQ Time

Our backyard is no stranger to multiple BBQ gatherings