Anniversaries: New achievements Tbilisi edition

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The beginning of one’s story is exciting. Even more exciting is their journey and achievements. In this post, we are celebrating just that. Some of our colleagues from Tbilisi are celebrating their 5-year anniversary. One of them has gone a step further, he is celebrating his 10-year anniversary.

Ten years ago, Jaba Shamugia joined Singular and has been an integral part ever since. Fast forward five years, our team is expanding again. We welcomed Zuka Genebashvili, George Kvirikashvili, Oto Lolua and David Jomidava.

Bellow, you can learn all about their #SingularStory, the moments that defined their careers and what we can expect from them in the future.

It’s been years since you’ve started working here, but there are surely a couple of newbie moments you still remember from the early days. How did your #SingularStory begin?

Jaba:  My #SingularStory began 10 years ago, but I still remember every detail of the first days. Back then, the company was small with only a few employees. Every person there was connected, with the same idea and believed that something big was going to happen. And after ten years, I am telling you with full responsibility that Singular has reached amazing heights and many more goals are ahead. I’m proud to be part of this story and happy to grow with the company, whose values, views, and culture are the most important.

Zuka: My first project in Singular was the Game Integrations. Quickly after joining, I got assigned to the Website project, which was my desire from the first day. Five years later, I am the Product Manager of the Website and all front-end products in the Platform team.

George: My #SingularStory began when I was 19 years old. Everyone used to treat me like a child because I was the youngest employee in the company. The most exciting moment was my first day at Singular, I was so nervous and shy. I was sitting in the office and doing my first task, I didn’t know how or what to do it. Then one of the co-workers came to me, took a look at the code I was writing and was not impressed with what I was doing. You can imagine what was happening in my head, I was already searching for another job. After some time, everything was revealed and found out that he was only a manager and didn’t even know a single line of code. I calmed down and they told me that it was a joke. P.S. after 4 years, I got back at him 🙂

Oto: Before I started working in Singular, I had known about the company. It was such a pleasure to become part of it. From the first day, until today, I am so motivated and excited to see what the day brings. The first thing that I remember is the Fifa16 or Fifa17 tournament, which was held at the GE office.

David: Singular approached me through my university. They had a vacancy for the students. Back then, I was learning development, and I decided to give the management role a shot. This decision proved itself to be a sound one.

Tbilisi Moments

During your time at the company, you’ve been to a lot of parties & team buildings, but also went through thick & thin while working with your team. What’s the most memorable moment you’ve shared with the #SingularTeam so far?

Jaba: Here, every day is a story to remember. One more amazing thing, with which all the employees are proud is our culture and friendly environment. We have had a lot of parties during the last ten years and all of them were something huge.

To remember the one, I can tell you about the latest party we had a few weeks ago in the Georgian office. After two years of lockdown and distance working, Singular has organized a corporate party (by following all the rules regarding the pandemic) and this was a real celebration. New and old employees gathered, met each other, and shared emotions, which was a big day for us, which we will remember for a long time.

Zuka: All Singular birthday parties were memorable. Also, Singular exhibiting at Sigma Malta was one of the greatest moments.

George: I collected so many memorable moments during these five years with #SingularTeam. Team buildings, corporate parties, home gatherings, bars, clubs etc. But the most memorable moment I think was a trip to Spain and Portugal with my Singular friends. Eight of us went together to the MadCool festival, road-tripping from Barcelona to Madrid and so on. The only thing I can say is that it was just unforgettable.

Oto: I have so many stories connected to Singular. I was participating in a Singular birthday party in Skopje too. The most memorable event was two years ago, the Singular birthday in Tbilisi and its afterparty.

David: There are too many moments to mention. If I had to choose one, the first thing that comes to my mind is a trip to Spain. A few years ago, a few coworkers and I, went together on a vacation. I also think the latest corporate evening in Tbilisi was a big hit as well!

SiGMA Expo

Tell us more about your role at Singular. How has it changed over the past years and more importantly, how has that changed you professionally & personally?

Jaba: I’ve been a back-end developer since the very beginning and this job means a lot to me. Our team members are always happy to share their knowledge and discuss different things, which helps employees to develop professionally. Here every employee develops with each other. After 10 years, I can truly say that in Singular, all employees are growing every day professionally and personally. The most amazing thing in our company is that you can learn a lot from every employee. Even day to day communication with another employee can teach you a lot and makes you become a much better professional and person. All of the employees are very interesting professionals with exciting personalities. So, after ten years, I’m so proud to say that Singular has made me become a better professional and person, and many more steps are ahead.

Zuka: I started as a Project manager in Singular five years ago. Then I was promoted to a Product Owner role. Currently, I am a Product Manager in the Platform team.

George: In the beginning, I was a markup developer, then junior front-end, middle front-end and now I am a senior front-end developer and becoming tech-lead of the Website team in a few months.

The road was really challenging, and it trained me not only professionally but also personally. Personal growth was the accompanying process all the time.

Oto: I began as a middle-level Front end developer, and my current position is a Technical Lead. Singular taught me so much as a person and a professional, giving me a better sense of responsibility and ownership

David: I had four positions throughout my career in Singular. First, I started as a Project Manager, followed by a Systems Analyst role. Not long after that, I got assigned as a Product Owner in the Payment Gateway team. Recently, I became Product Manager of the respective team.

Tbilisi 10th Birthday

Now that you’ve reached this milestone, you might have thought about other positive experiences that the future can hold for you. What would you like to accomplish or experience next on your journey here at Singular?

Jaba: In Singular, every day is an interesting day, which turns into a way to develop professionally. I can’t tell you the specific goals, but as you know, we have become a part of Flutter Entertainment, which means that many more fascinating opportunities are ahead. So, I believe that 2022 and the next 10 years will be an interesting journey.

Zuka:  Recently I’ve been assigned to all front-end products of the Platform team, which is a great challenge for me. As well as the integration with Flutter International in general.

George: I would like to grow my leadership skills and be a supportive member of the team. Managerial and Leadership skills would be the next challenge during the next period in Singular.

Oto: During the last 5 years, many things have changed. Both Singular and I grew professionally and personally.  Since Singular joined Flutter, it gives us more challenges and possibilities.

David: Singular is constantly evolving, which means there are a lot of challenges to be met. Also, I do hope once the pandemic is over, we get back on track and have numerous parties & team building and work together as a big #SingularTeam.

If you think that you are ready to take the next step, professionally and personally, take a look at the open positions. Maybe we’ll tell your #SingularStory next time.

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