Why our front-end team choose Angular 6?

The blog post tackles the challenges of developing an iGaming software. Moreover, how Angular 6 solves the same.


Technologies for automation testing – Our Story

Agile development and automation testing go hand in hand. Read about the technologies we use for automation testing.


How to boost developers motivation?

Today, I will talk about the other side of the coin… The good old-fashioned face-to-face knowledge sharing and why it is essential for your team.


Staying competitive on the long run in the iGaming sector

In sports betting, the term ultimate player experience is often used to indicate the competitiveness level of the operators.


DevOps — Choose the right tool-set

The first national conference about IT and Project management took place this April in Skopje. ClearView together with Semos did a great job of getting one of the best experts from the region in [...]


The hidden gems of JIRA, Confluence and Slack

How JIRA, Confluence, and Slack make our communication, organization and task management flow smoothly. No overlapping process, no information bottlenecks and eliminated redundancy of activities. [...]


Why we switched from Scrum to Kanban?

The IT industry has experienced an exponential growth in the last decade. In software development, there has been an increased demand for efficient, just in time (JIT) delivery. Twenty years ago [...]


The Next HOT Thing in Sports Betting ? The Ultimate Cash-Out Feature

WHY is this feature the next HOT thing in sports betting? Because punters love it for two main reasons: gives them a bit more security when placing bets; makes the betting process more exciting, [...]


The story about our distributed team connecting Skopje and Tbilisi

Skype calls and Slack channels are a great way to connect the members of a distributed team. But nothing is better than the sound of clinking glasses mixed with laughter. At least when it comes [...]


Is Agile Development Dead? Confessions of an Agile Mind

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend Polar Talks where the topic was Agile Development. However, the members of the panel discussion didn’t glorify the agile approach. On the contrary, [...]

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