6 Takeaways from my 6 Years Journey as a Software Engineer

Learn important tips on how to advance in your career as a software engineer.


Stay in the Singular Loop, Issue 1/2021

Stay Informed, Be Ahead. In our first issue of Singular Loop, read the most important news & updates.

Meet Saba, Anastasia & Mikheil, Our New App Support Engineers

Learn more about our new tech talent working in App Support as part of Singular's Core Team.

The Career Map of a Product Owner

Find out more about Martin’s career journey and what it takes to be a successful Product Owner.

International Women’s Day 2021: We Choose to Challenge

We raise our hands up & join #ChooseToChallenge, the official global theme for IWD 2021.

The First 100 Days of a DevOps Manager

Learn the ins and outs of the first 100-day milestone in the life of a DevOps Manager.

Meet the Newbies: Elene, Ani, and Teona from Tbilisi’s Core Team

Working from home doesn't stop us from getting to know three of our outstanding newbies in Tbilisi.

Angular Developer

Are you a resourceful Angular Developer who wants to work on innovative...

Linux Systems Engineer/Administrator

Are you a resourceful Linux Systems Engineer/Administrator who wants to work...

React Engineer

Are you a resourceful React Engineer who wants to work...