Automated Testing using SOAP UI

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he following post is about my first automated testing experience at Singular. I started my internship at Singular a month ago. This was the first time I engaged with the testing domain. I read a lot of documentation and learned quite a few new tools in the process. I spent my first two weeks gaining experience with various testing automation tools.

The task

I had to implement test cases for the CORE system first. We chose SOAP UI tool to implement these tests, as it seemed to meet all the requirements that we had at the moment.


Creating the test case

First, I defined all the requirements, that had to be validated. After the Product Owner approved the requirements list, I created test cases to check that system behaved according to the agreed requirements. Each designed test case validated at least one requirement and each test case in SOAP UI had a requirement specified that it validated. Using this approach, we ensured that we had a high level of code coverage.


Each test suite has a similar structure. First, I validate success case of the request and then I check for all the potential fail cases. As a result, I created more than 300 test cases in a scope of the project.


Automated testing

After that, I defined request parameters for executing tests automatically. I used Groove script to define and calculate statistically each parameter. For example: Hash of the request which is unique for each request, is calculated before executing request test step. Therefore, no user interaction is needed to execute tests.

automation testing

Later I created assertions for each test case. Assertions check result of the test case to ensure that system behavior was as expected. Therefore, no user interaction is needed to analyse test results.

test results

The final result is that we have a few test suites with more than 300 test cases, that run and are analysed with a single click of the mouse as many times as we want.

automation tests

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments in the below section.

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