Latest News – September

Virtual reality: Creating next-gen experiences for players and new revenue streams for operators.

Latest News – August

Company Focus: Singular's tailor made native app for Nigeria, Author: George Shamugia, Singular’s CEO

Latest News – July

Exclusive Interview with George Shamugia, Singular’s CEO, for EuropeanGaming.

Latest News about Singular – June

In the latest publication of, our CEO, George Shamugia tells the #SingularStory

Latest News about Singular – May

The #SingularStory from the beginning till today told by Darko Gacov exclusive for LCBNetwork.

Latest News about Singular – April

In several interviews, Darko Gacov shares the details of the Singular journey so far.

Latest News about Singular

In several interviews with local newspapers, Darko Gacov shares the details of the Singular journey so far.


Community betting with the Book-A-Bet feature

It is a win-win situation. They get to share their expertise, your business gets higher exposure. Betting does not have to be a solo game.


Staying competitive on the long run in the iGaming sector

In sports betting, the term ultimate player experience is often used to indicate the competitiveness level of the operators.


The Next HOT Thing in Sports Betting ? The Ultimate Cash-Out Feature

WHY is this feature the next HOT thing in sports betting? Because punters love it for two main reasons: gives them a bit more security when placing bets; makes the betting process more exciting, [...]

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