The Powerful Mix of Technical and Non-Technical Skills – Story of the DFS Team

Ana Jovanova tells us the journey of building the Skopje-based DFS team from the ground up.


Roles & Responsibilities of a Product Manager

Let's talk about the basics of product management & the importance of Product Managers.

6 Takeaways from my 6 Years Journey as a Software Engineer

Learn important tips on how to advance in your career as a software engineer.

The Career Map of a Product Owner

Find out more about Martin’s career journey and what it takes to be a successful Product Owner.

The First 100 Days of a DevOps Manager

Learn the ins and outs of the first 100-day milestone in the life of a DevOps Manager.

Product Talks 1.1 with Ana, Gio, and Branko

Three of our managers talk to us about their product development journey in 2020.

The Developer’s Dilemma: Why Choose In-House Over Outsourced Development

Explore the vast opportunities that in-house development offers to software engineers.

Latest News – September

Virtual reality: Creating next-gen experiences for players and new revenue streams for operators.


JAVA intro: Introduction to Maven and JSON Parsing

Maven installation, environment setup and building a sample project for JSON parsing.

Latest News – August

Company Focus: Singular's tailor made native app for Nigeria, Author: George Shamugia, Singular’s CEO

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