Book recommendations about software development from Singular team: Part 1

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This week, I am sharing with you a list of book recommendations about software development. The books on this list have improved the skills of my teammates:

1. The Pragmatic Programmer: from journeyman to master

The Pragmatic Programmer can be very beneficial for someone kick-starting his coding career. But it can be equally useful for an experienced programmer, or a PM. The content gives technical insight and practical examples through entertaining and thoughtful anecdotes.

What I love about this book are the tips given for getting unstuck. Helps you detect a mistake in your code. The book helps you improve your coding skills with a technique as simple as the rubber duck debugging method. — Aleksandar Stefanovski, Java Developer.


2. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

This book helps you cut poorly written codes. This saves you time and resources. Also, it challenges you to reassess your commitment to the craft.

The book will help you realize how much ‘bad code’  can  hurt the quality of the final project. It also tackles the negative impact on developers’ motivation. Finally, it helps you correct the hidden mistakes and improve the code in great manner.— Mile Zajkovski, Tech Lead.

Clean Code

3. Software Testing: An ISTQB-ISEB Foundation Guide

This book is the only official textbook by the ISTQB — ISEB Foundation Certificate for Software Testing. I recommend it as a good starting point for junior members of your QA team.

The book provides solid foundation for software testing. It also gives better understanding of the software development life cycle. It explains the organisational processes from a testing perspective. — Dejan Gjoshevski, QA Engineer.


4. Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change

Extreme Programming (XP) has gained immense popularity among agile methodologies for programming. The book does not provide “how-to” guidelines on XP. Yet, it the ideal book for small-to-medium size software companies.

“XP has changed the way our industry thinks about software development. Its brilliant simplicity, focused execution, and insistence on fact-based planning over speculation have set a new standard for software delivery.” — David Trowbridge, Microsoft

Extreme Programming

5. High-Performance Java Persistence

The book empowers you to build high-performance enterprise applications. It also helps Java developers get lower transaction response times and a higher throughput.

This book is a must-read for everyone aiming to push their relational databases to the limit with their Java application.Lukas Eder, Founder and CEO of Data Geekery GMBH

High-Performance Java

6. Java Persistence With Hibernate

The book gives rich explanation of programming model — Hibernate 3.2 and Java Persistence. It also offers well-illustrated discussion of best practices in database. the book covers design, object/relational mapping, and optimization techniques.

…this book is the ultimate solution. If you are going to use Hibernate in your application, you have no other choice, go rush to the store and get this book.Meera Subbarao, JavaLobby

Java Persistence With Hibernate

Did you like our reading list? Comment below and share you favorite programming books.

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