The Career Map of a Lead UI/UX Designer – Giorgi Avsajanishvili (Moxeve)

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When our team creates our product we want to deliver enjoyable experiences and provide value to our users. In order to achieve this, you need a good design team. Specifically a UI/UX design team. We can proudly say that ours is just outstanding and ensures that the final product’s performances are unmatched.

A team is only as good as its leader. We would like to introduce you to our Lead UI/UX Designer Giorgi Avsajanishvili. Giorgi, also known as Moxeve, has been a part of Singular’s story since 2017 and has been responsible for ensuring that everyone who interacts with our products gets the best experience.

In this Career Map we are sharing the career journey of a Lead designer.

Giorgi’s Singular Story

I joined Singular’s family in 2017 as a senior UI/UX designer. Before that, I had ten years of experience in that design field. My first official full-time job as a “web designer” was when I was 16. Since then, I have changed three companies before I started working in Singular. This company allowed me to study the management of processes, how to manage people, how to delegate and scale. On every step, there is a challenge and, on every step, I feel that today I’m much better than I was yesterday.

Designers can change and improve other people’s lives. – Giorgi Avsajanishvili

Giorgi Avsajanishvili (Moxeve), a Lead UI/UX Designer at Singular Tbilisi

Which technologies are you working with?

Currently, I’m leading Singular’s design team. We have a democracy in the design team, we use those tools, which are chosen by the team itself. Every week we have a test session with all newly discovered design frameworks (like Google Material Design, Microsoft Fluent Design, and many others). We used Sketch App with Abstract for high fidelity wireframes and designs itself. Last year we started the process of migration to Figma. Other tools are Google, InvisionApp, UXPin, Miro, Notion, and other handoff and collaboration tools.

The most challenging part of your work?

The most challenging part is to maintain one, big, polished Singular design system, where we use the same components for the different clients and all the clients have a daily update of configurations.

The most important skill a person should develop to be successful in this role?

I would say there are two skills that designers have to have to be successful in this role. The first is that you have to be humble when you get feedback, don’t go to defence mode. And the second one is an entrepreneurial mindset, designers can change and improve other people’s lives.

Designs change and improve our day to day lives. If you want to make a change and create outstanding products, we have a place for you. Check out our open positions apply and you too can become a part of the #OutstandingTeam.

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