Career Map of a Service Delivery Engineer

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Meet Mikheil Ogadze, a Service Delivery Engineer from Singular’s Tbilisi office. Even before he finished university, he launched his career in the tech industry, worked his way up and and found his place in Singular. Now, Mikheil is an integral part of our team and decided to share his Career Map with us. Read all about his journey below.👇

Tell us a bit about yourself, your education, and how you started your career path.

I graduated from the International Black Sea University, Faculty of Computer Technologies And Engineering.  Before I graduated from University, in 2017 I started working as an IT Help Desk Specialist in GWP. It was my first full-time job where I gained lots of experience in working with technologies that were new to me.  I got to work with people that had more experience than me and all of them were ready to assist/teach me anything at any time.

When I  graduated from Black Sea University in September 2018, I took the next steps in my career.  It started in September of 2018, I started working with Banking systems as an IT Help Desk Specialist in JSC Georgian Card. After 6 months was promoted to Windows System Administrator, where I gained good experience in troubleshooting the services that we were using in the company.

What’s your #SingularStory?

I joined Singular in September of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic as an Application Support Engineer. It was challenging to adapt to new technologies and a remote working environment during the pandemic, but with help of great people that are working in Singular, everything went pretty smoothly.

I had heard a lot of nice things about this company from my friends, which encouraged me to try and become a member of this team. In May 2021 my hardworking and motivation lead me to promotion to Service Delivery Engineer.

Mikheil Ogadze, Service Delivery Engineer in Singular

Which technologies are you working with?

Currently, as Service Delivery Engineer, I am working with Bitbucket, MySQL, Git, Jenkins, OpsGenie, and Jira. We use the Bitbucket git repository to manage the existing configuration of services and make changes according to requests, that come from Product Teams.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

The most challenging part of our work is the responsibility that we bear when performing our job. We are handling the deployment configuration process and the monitoring of the services. It is critically important to ensure the configurations are correct.  This requires attention to detail, focus and knowledge of the products to create/update the proper configuration to let the process run smoothly and successfully execute the deployment.

The most important skill a person should develop to be successful in this role?

I would say the most important skill a person should develop to be successful in this role is troubleshooting skills. The person should be able to promptly identify the problem, think of the most efficient ways to solve the problem and implement the solution to ensure our services are working correctly. In addition to this, also a high sense of responsibility and experience is crucial when having a role like this.

Whether you are a fresh graduate on the search for their first job experience, or an experienced tech professional, we encourage you to take a look at our open vacancies. At Singular, we are always looking for individuals who are willing to grow and contribute to our products with innovative ideas, a challenging mindset, and eagerness to become outstanding in what they do. See Mikheil’s Career Map below and see how much you can grow as part of our team! ⬇️

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