Celebrating Five Years at Singular Skopje: 2022 Edition

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This year, we marked down the 5-year work anniversary of nine teammates at Singular Skopje. As per our tradition, we celebrated this moment at our office birthday party (which makes them even more enjoyable). Our teammates received a gift as our token of gratitude for their contribution, given by Elena Inadeska-Avramovska, our Workplace Experience Manager.

For our annual blog post on the topic, we asked them: “What motivated you to keep developing your career at Singular?”. The answers are so moving and represent exactly what happens when a company continuously nurtures its culture.

Without further ado, we present to you:

Verche Gjorgieva


From the day I joined Singular, the dynamic work atmosphere and the constant challenges are what keep my motivation high. I’m taking every challenge head-on which makes every single day a new experience and journey. These past few years I worked on a lot of projects, and used many different technologies side by side with experts in the field, who enabled my growth. It’s been an honor to have the confidence of my colleagues for everything I do and that brings the satisfaction of working here to a whole another level. I see the experiences so far as a beginning to an even more successful adventure.

Kristijan Rusu


Working at Singular is a never-ending adventure, from day-to-day work to long-term initiatives. The domain and requirements are what make this experience challenging, and the colleagues and the environment are what make this experience highly enjoyable. If I need to single out something for my 5 years in the company, I would say that the Flutter Tech Summit, in which I was a presenter, was exhilarating. The cameras, audience, and the whole production process were very professional and it was something developers rarely go through.

Mirche Miravcaliev


When I joined Singular 5 years ago, I experienced the developing path of a small, ambitious start-up company into a serious contender of the iGaming business as a part of a bigger international corporation. That is a truly unique experience that also helped me a lot in my personal and professional growth. During my journey here, one of the most memorable moments is from the time I had the chance to visit the team in Georgia and learn more about their culture after a 20-days stay. We proved that international collaboration when working on the same goal is possible and has many advantages that motivated me to stay with the Singular family after all this time.

Kristina Mijajlevska


When I first started my job here at Singular, my aim was simply to expand my knowledge, gain more experience, and grow as a professional. I had a chance to design and implement many creative solutions, to be guided by great professionals, as well as to mentor new developer minds. The strong company culture being nurtured here tends to provide us that “space to grow”, which makes you able to improve yourself in every aspect, personal or professional. Now I can say that this is much more than just a simple project or a workplace – it is a whole sense of belonging and a great deal of responsibility, knowing that what you do matters and moreover, it has a huge impact on something even greater.

Petar Veleski


Being a part of a company that nurtures teamwork and rewards one’s individual ambition has been one of the main reasons and pillars for 5 joyful and prosperous years in Singular. Not everything and every situation was a walk in the park, but in the toughest professional challenges, personal dedication and sheer focus, undivided and full support from my team has led us and paved the winning path that we are walking on. When you have your colleagues as your friends and your work as your pleasure, you are on the right path and at the right place. With great challenges in sight and inevitable growth for all parties involved, I can only say cheers for many more years to come!

Slavcho Mitevski


Singular maintains the primacy of one big family from different countries and cultures. I was convinced of that during my visit to Georgia, getting to know my colleagues, their culture, food, and the wonderful places there. Culture grounded by personal growth and well-being. We have a history of making our own rules, in a good way. We roll up our sleeves, work hard and move fast. We hold each other accountable and solve problems. We care about each other, and the workplace environment every day, during working hours, and often after work. 

As they say – time flies fast. But, we don’t mind it when we work alongside such awesome teammates. It makes us so proud to see our teammates grow and develop their careers right here at Singular, and the progress they’ve made throughout the years is truly outstanding.

If you want to join our team and work on award-winning software, check out our Careers page. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next person to join us and celebrate a 5-year work anniversary together! Until then, check out some more photos of our outstanding birthday party. ⬇️

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