Community betting with the Book-A-Bet feature

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Experienced punters want to share their expertise. For that reason, we have created an opportunity for them to acknowledge their skills. The goal is to leverage their self-promotion to drive more traffic to your platform and increase the number of bet slips.

The Book-A-Bet functionality enables your players to make their selection online and choose between several options:

  • print the bet code
  • e-mail the bet code to yourself
  • send the bet code to yourself via SMS

Then, players can take the code and place a bet in any retail betshop of yours.

The best part?

They can share the code with their circle of friends or across social media channels.

But, what makes this better than the usual placing of bet in the local betshop?

  1. Players avoid queuing by making their selections online;
  2. Moreover, writing down the game choice is prone to mistakes which are eliminated with the automatic generation of the bet code;
  3. Your bookmakers save time, – no more manual information input, they simply scan the code and the betslip is printed automatically;
  4. Gives your players the benefits of online betting even where online is not regulated while keeping your operations complaint to the existing law;
  5. Finally, omni-channel support for your operations and round information on your players for better segmentation;

It is a win-win situation.

They get to share their expertise, your business gets higher exposure.

After all, betting does not have to be a solo game. Spice up the game, give your players a chance to create a community round betting.

Finally, the more, the merrier 😉

Singular is an established, mature brand in the iGaming industry. We have years of experience in turning new and existing operators into successful market leaders.

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