The Developer’s Dilemma: Why Choose In-House Over Outsourced Development

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It’s a fact: software development is not only one of the most lucrative fields in the modern business world, but it is also one of the most innovative ones. However, in such a dynamic and ever-changing environment, using the same development approaches and solutions won’t get companies to the top, or at least not ahead of their competition. In this case, it is the innovation that can help companies meet their customers’ needs and stay ahead with an outstanding product or service.

It’s clear that this brings in a lot of benefits for business owners, but what about developers? What should they choose, in-house development, or outsourced working? 

What’s in store for developers

As a developer, you know that career opportunities are vast. The increasing demand for tech professionals has created intense competition among IT companies for the best talent. Offering work-life balance, fitness opportunities, exotic destinations for team building are only a few of the benefits companies offer as incentives to attract outstanding people. 

However, career decisions are not made solely on the basis of the benefits you get from working for a certain company. The opportunity to work for an in-house development company creates additional benefits that go beyond the common perks mentioned above.

Building significant & state-of-the-art software

Statistics show that building something significant & innovative is one of the top aspects that software engineers look for in a new job. It’s easy to see why – it’s a great motivational factor to keep on doing what you do when you know that the product is recognized as one of the best on the market, especially if it is used by millions of people. 

At Singular, we are proud to have ownership over the innovation process from idea inception through development, testing, and delivery. This gives our developers insight into the R&D processes, a better understanding of the product’s long-term vision, and most importantly the chance to contribute with their ideas.

Our products have won prestigious awards & we’re glad to say that this is happening because all our teams work with such passion and dedication towards achieving common goals.

Grow by taking part in the innovation processes

Whether you’re working for an in-house development company or on outsourced projects, as a developer you will be challenged regularly. This is totally alright because being challenged keeps us in a state of constant learning. For example, when you work on a project that handles highly sensitive information that processes an extensive number of transactions and player data, you have to put extra focus and think proactively. 

Not everyone thrives under such pressure. But, it is this type of work that can help us significantly grow professionally. Once you have more insight, experience, and expertise, it will be easier for you to have your say in the innovation process. At Singular, we appreciate each input from our people and we’re glad to have teammates who want to contribute to strengthening our work processes and products.

Being outstanding and delivering over-the-edge features takes a lot of work, but it sure is one of the most rewarding experiences for our career. 

Get in-depth knowledge about the industry

Working in-house enables developers to understand the company’s goal, culture, and mindset. These help in maintaining effective collaboration between teams, seamless product cycles, and long-term success. In this case, developers have another benefit here as well – they can become high-level professionals

However, in-house development also accelerates the learning curve which helps developers refine their theoretical knowledge and keep on top of new trends. At Singular, we keep a well-organized documentation repository, which everyone on the team can easily access.

Confluence is our central documentation hub covering the development process from start to end. The industry we operate in is one of the most dynamic and very often requires changes by the minute, so we need everyone to be on the same page and open to learning current & future trends.

We believe that it is very important to keep the know-how available for every employee so that they can learn & grow. That’s one step closer to being outstanding. 😉

Gain an international work experience

At Singular, we always make sure to maintain an agile development process regardless of whether we are using Scrum or Kanban methodology. We keep open, transparent, and continuous communication via Slack, while JIRA has ensured smooth task management that streamlines and accelerates the development process. 

Considering that Singular has offices in Georgia, North Macedonia, and Malta, it leaves our employees with the opportunity to work internationally and practice their communication and collaboration skills with colleagues and teams coming from various departments from different offices.

We value our communication the most. It makes us proactive in finding solutions and keeps our work agile, and it brings the team together. For that purpose, we additionally make sure to host team buildings often so that employees can get to know each other better.

Socializing brings the team together and strengthens the sense of belonging to the company community, which in turn will only have amazing results on both work results and team relationships. Unfortunately, the team buildings are on hold right now because of Covid-19. But, as soon as the circumstances allow it we’ll be throwing a cool welcome-back-to-office party. 🎉

The Developer’s Dilemma: Why Choose In-House Over Outsourced Development
A #throwback memory from one of our team buildings when we played golf. 😎

Share a common goal together

You and your teammates are all working towards accomplishing the same goal. This creates a sense of fellowship that makes working and sharing the same success a much more rewarding experience. Your teammates know EXACTLY what it is like to work on that project. 

Another important thing to note here is that in-house development requires employees to fully commit & work towards developing the best product possible. This means that recruiters must pick the right developer who will not only do the job but also comfortably fit into the team. Thanks to this, it is very likely that your team will consist of people who have the right approach towards developing the in-house product, while at the same time laugh at one of the jokes you just told the team. 😄

The takeaway

Working as a developer is one of the most exciting career paths one can take, at least according to developers. 😉 Whether you choose in-house development or outsourced working, it’s totally up to you. Either way, you’ll have fun as both have their own unique share of pros and cons. 

But, if by any chance you happen to like building and developing products, being part of a fun company culture & work in a fast-paced, digital industry, then check out the available job positions we have on our career page. If there’s one thing that we really appreciate here at Singular is having the right talent across all of our teams. 🎯

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