DevOps — Choose the right tool-set

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he first national conference about IT and Project management took place this April in Skopje. ClearView together with Semos did a great job of getting one of the best experts from the region in one place. Needless to say we were there too 😊.

The event tackled topics across different fields from project management and agile development methodologies.  The presenters also discussed the right tools for your development and operations (DevOps), as well as testing processes.

Branko DevOps manager

Our colleague, Branko Avramovski shared his insight on how to organize and manage your DevOps & IT Operations for higher business agility. The high importance of the DevOps team in each organization comes from their deep intersection with each team and frequent involvement in every part of the process.

DevOps can not function as a separate unit.

DevOps intersection diagram

Main challenges

Many DevOps teams find it difficult to overcome complex and fragmented legacy systems. The change requires alterations in every area:

  • Change current toolset
  • Improve employee skill set
  • Modify existing working processes
  • Alter working habits/culture
  • Put everything together

DevOps is about a set of practices that enable your company to be more competitive.

It is crucial to first assess the maturity level of your DevOps team before envisioning and planning the process architecture. Also, learning and skills development of your team is essential for continuous delivery.

People and their skills come before the technology.

Good practices

Branko concluded his presentation with highlighting the importance of having a shared vision, not only among your team, but through — out the whole company. You simply have to bring team(s) on the same table and enable better collaboration and common ground on value delivery.

Singular at IT conference

Bottom line, there is no secret ingredient , but there are good practices to help you achieve your goals. You have to be willing to experiment and abandon the tools and practices that drag you back.

Monitor everything — test during and after development and delivery cycles. Finally, if you want solid improvement in productivity and efficiency you have to code and automate.

The conversation continued during the Q&A session and the panel discussion. For those who missed the conference have a look at the questions below. They may direct you in the right direction for improvement of your DevOps Team.

Development and Operations

If you have any additional questions, don’t be shy to reach out. Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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