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One morning in the Singular office, the communication board read:  


Among the dispersed drawings there were a few a questions.

Fear of wine is called ”__________”

World’s oldest wine is  found in ____________.

The oldest winery is located in ___________.

Thanks to Google, the teammates took no time to fill in the blanks 😂.


However, in this blog post, we give you a bit more wine details and a few hilarious truths about wine. For example:

Can I open a wine bottle with a shoe? The answer is YES. After watching the video you may never need a corkscrew again 😂.

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

FUN FACT #1 Wine boosts cognitive ability.

According to an article in The Telegraph,  “Red wine and chocolate can boost your brain power”. Both contain polyphenols which increase the blood flow and oxygen to the brain that in turn could boost its power.

Another article published in the Independent advocates that red grapes contain resveratrol which also increases blood flow to the brain and in some cases, increase mental performance on cognitive tasks.

THE CATCH? Both studies concluded that the impact is greater in the elderly, rather than young students whose cognitive abilities are at their peak.

FUN FACT #2 Wine slows the aging process

The above mentioned substance: resveratrol has been also referred as the anti-aging molecule. Dr. Richard A. Baxter in his book “Age Gets Better with Wine” states that drinking red wine in moderation is the most important thing you can do to slow the aging process other than not smoking. Another study from the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute has tested and proved this hypothesis on mice.

NOTE:  Red wine contains more resveratrol than white wine because it is fermented with the grape skins.

THE CATCH? In wine, resveratrol is in such small amounts you could not drink enough of it in your life to have the benefits the researchers found in mice given resveratrol.

FUN FACT #3 A glass a day and your skin will glow

Wine is rich with antioxidants which help smooth and refine skin.

THE CATCH? You don’t  get the skin benefits when drinking the wine, but applying it directly on your skin.

Hope you enjoyed this post about wine. We celebrated the wine month with some wine and cheese testing. You can find more photos from the event on our FB page.

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