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ood news MUST be shared, don’t you agree? Yesterday, I received an email titled:  Java Interns officially employed in Singular MK 👏🏼🥁.

Singular offers different types of internships covering all applied technologies from Java and Front-End Developers to DevOps and Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers. While the later are still on-going, the first one is closed with the three interns being officially employed as Junior Java Developers. Nikola and Kristina joined the Sportsbook team, while Daniel become part of the SlotB team.

Learning the good news, I decided to put the newbies in the spotlight. Asked them a few questions and took certain number of photos 😊.

1. Nikola — big hair and personality

Software Engineer

#1 Why did you decide to study computer science?

My love and passion for computers has existed since my very young ages. My first contact with coding was probably when I wrote my first computer program that adds and subtracts two numbers. Nothing special right ? Yes, but then, I was the happiest kid in the world. Through the years, I followed my interest and here I am: student at “Faculty of computer science and engineering” in Skopje and part of the Singular family as software developer.

#2 What made you choose Singular ?

What I really love is the company’s dedication to growing their people. I have noticed the tagline #YourSpaceToGrow, but didn’t really believe it at first. After couple of months of my internship, I can say with certainty that I have obtained new knowledge. As an official team member I am expecting to further develop and grow as a software engineer.

#3 Which is your favorite TV show?

It’s very hard to choose my favorite TV show. Lately, I’ve been watching several TV shows like: “Mr.Robot”, “Game of Thrones”, “Prison break” and “Lucifer”. But if I have to choose only one, so far it will be “The Mentalist”. I am very impressed by the main character Patrick and his mind reading ability.

Nikola with his striking hairstyle is a face you notice immediately, but his engaging personality is what makes you remember him.

Kristina — the feminine side of Sportsbook


Don’t be fooled by Kristina’s (a.k.a Kiki) petite build, she has a courageous spirit and a giant heart. Being the first female in the Sportsbook team, I was happy to hear she was feeling welcomed and comfortable.

#1 What was the biggest challenge when you started working in Singular?

Getting familiar with new and unknown technologies and adapting myself to the team’s fast-pace environment was a challenge, given that this is my first working experience.However, the continuous encouragement and considerate mentors helped me to get through it 😊.

#2 What is the best part of working here?

The best part is without a doubt the people that I work with. I can always learn something new, even by observing their technical excellence, dedication and passion about their work. I like that everyone is highly reliable, and willing to help you grow as a professional, knowing that you can use that to improve the team’s performances.

#3 Three things you would take with you on a deserted island?

Definitely my cat 🐾. I don’t need anything else. Wait. Also, Haribo Gummy Strawberries, my favorite. And ok, maybe a first aid kit, just in case 😊.

Daniel — developer and “marketing assistant”

Daniel is starting his career as a developer, but he surprised me with his curiosity and interest in marketing. As Dejan said in his previous post: “It is never too late to change something” 😉.

Until then…

#1 What are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m assigned as a Junior Java Developer in the Singular’s Slots team. As this is my first job experience, I’m still getting accommodated in the team’s workflow, but I am positive that the accommodation process is going to be smooth and fast.

#2 Which Singular values resonate most with you?
All the Singular values are equally important, but if I have to choose, I would say self-improvement. I’m a person eager to learn new things, mostly in computer science and technology and Singular has proved to be the best place for growth. Also, I must mention fun, since humor is the best way to dismiss tension and stress. You are not able to use your full potential and do your tasks properly if you are not in a fun environment.

Java internship

#3 Are you a football fan? Which is your favorite team?

I wouldn’t say I’m a football fan, but I have rather unusual like for the football club Bologna. The team has history in club football as part of the founding members of the Serie A league in 1929. During its history, the club has won the Italian league championship seven times, making them the sixth most successful team in the history of the league even though in these days, they are not as popular as they were before.

Hope you enjoyed hanging out with our three new teammates, I sure did. If you are getting a positive vibe from this post, click the recommend button or visit our culture web to learn about other career opportunities at Singular.

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