Her #SingularStory – Part 1 – Skopje Office

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This is the first blog post that covers all departments in Singular. This is the first blog post that introduces all female teammates in the MK office.

One of them you have met before as the Intern who became a Java developer. Others were featured in the story: “Technologies for automation testing”. But there are a few new faces who haven’t been introduced and their contribution matters immensely.

So, why Her #SingularStory, and not #HerSingularStory ?

BECAUSE he and she tell the same story at our company, the #SingularStory. The narrative does not change with the gender. Recognition, appraisal and expectations are the same. We believe that we must even up the playground as a first step towards inclusion and empowerment.

How does that look like in practice?

Learn first hand from Her #SingularStory ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Verche Gjorgieva, QA Engineer

The QA engineer who started as an Intern and today is a crucial part of the team involved in automation testing and acting as a mentor of the new members.


Software testing can be very stressful especially when you are managing automation testing in between with manual testing. Staying concentrated can be very challenging with frequent and tight deadlines. Focus is key here.  But I enjoy a good challenge 🧐. Actually, favorite part of my job is when I complete a given task, especially a challenging one. But, not because it’s finally DONE, but because I take pride in doing it.


The pharmacy in Singular. Headache? Come to me. Stomach pain? Come to me. Eye Drops? Come to me. Mood medicine? Come to me. Anything else? I can find something for you in my drawer 👩🏼‍⚕️.

Elena Inadeska, HR Manager

No one knows the company better than Elena. She has been working at Singular since the opening of the Skopje office. It is no surprise that she is managing the HR department.


People may be surprised how challenging is to find the right person who has both right technical knowledge and traits that fit into the Singular culture. We nurture an agile environment where communication and team spirit are just as important for success. As an HR manager, it is quite challenging to create an environment where both individual ambition and teamwork attitude flourish.


Aside my HR job, I love interior design. So I tend to be the one who gives ideas for a wallpaper design, new carpet, or a chalkboard wall in the kitchen. The last one inspired by my 3-year old 😄.

tech women
From left to right, standing: Tamara, Simona, Kristina, sitting: Mihaela, Verche, Ivana

Kristina Mijajlevska, Java Developer

She started her career with Singular, and today she is part of a team that works on an innovative and challenging project, the DFS (abbreviated from Data Feed Services).

The project is relatively new and it basically provides data feed provider agnostic solution via microservices architecture. Through the DFS, the Sportsbook Solution can combine and switch between different odd feeds on any granularity in the offering and display it as one unified odds feed. Additionally, the DFS facilitates a limitless enrichment offer fusing various video streams, animation, virtual sports, widgets, statistics, etc.


We always aim to follow the most recent developments and trends in the industry. Prior to the actual implementation, we do a thorough research to identify the most adequate technology and approach for a given problem. Working with novel technologies can often be more challenging than expected.


I have watched more than 4k TV show episodes, which estimates more than 3 months constantly watching 😵.

Simona Belcovska, Service Support Desk Engineer

She takes every customer request seriously and takes pride in improving customers’ service, perception, and satisfaction. Her activities include resolving multi-level issues and providing a superior level of customer service. The main focus is to coordinate and facilitate the rapid resolution of incidents and timely response to service requests.


Given the multitasking nature of my job, prioritising and managing many open cases at the same time can be challenging.


Coffee and gym addict. Although, since I started working at Singular staying on track is difficult with all the burger and pizza temptations 😄.

Aleksandra Siljanoska, Finance Associate

The finance guru who takes care of all the financial, accounting, administrative and personnel services of Singular. This requires communication with all Singular departments, as well as with finance stakeholders of B2B partners and suppliers.


Given the company’s financial operations are spread across three locations: Malta, Macedonia and Georgia, keeping track of all audit financial statements and reports, ensuring all calculations and data entries are streamlined between the three bases is the biggest challenge.


Even though I love my office job I’m addicted to the outdoor activities. Out of many, hiking is my favorite 🌄.

singular women
From left to right: Aleksandra - Design, Elena - Marketing, Elena - HR

Mihaela Popovska, Junior QA Engineer

The QA wizard who diligently tests all platforms to check if everything is working as expected on a daily basis.


Test coverage is definitely one of the most challenging parts in software testing. Another aspect of testing that I find challenging is the decision moment when to stop testing and give green light for deployment. But, everyday, I am learning something new from my colleagues, so I guess, the confidence to make that decision will come in time as well.


I am very indecisive when it comes to food choices. Every lunch break is another long story 😅 .

Aleksandra Nikoloska, Graphic designer

Aleksandra speaks the visual language of Singular. Using the latest Adobe programs, she designs a variety of marketing materials such as product brochures, flyers, banners, social media posts and branded items in compliance with the company’s design guidelines.


Since we work in a gambling industry that requires very specific and unusual type of design, my biggest challenge is to create something that is trendy, modern, powerful, but at the same time eye-catching for the customers in our industry. I love when I create something unique which is recognized not only in the industry, but also by my teammates and friends.


My greatest passion is music. During my childhood I was playing piano and singing, and now I am attending hip hop dance classes 😎.

Tamara Temelkova, Service Support Desk Engineer

The newest member of the DevOps team who enjoys troubleshooting challenging issues. She started with answering support cases reported through the Service Desk system, e-mail or phone calls. Tamara swiftly started engaging with infrastructure development for hosting customer’s and company’s: production, development and test environments.


Solving issues and providing accurate information in timely manner.


Driving car decorated with ladybugs, artificial flowers, and butterflies. Now you know the story behind that photo 🌹 🌸.

Ivana Kajtazova, Junior QA Engineer

With the support of her teammates Ivana has just kicked off her career as a QA Engineer. She is on the very beginning of her journey and we are happy to be her starting point.


I am quickly realizing that this position requires from you to have a good understanding of the entire development process: testing, database, front-end, and back-end development etc. When you are just starting this can feel overwhelming.


During my studies I never saw myself as a QA Engineer , but since I started working at Singular my perspective has changed. I am curious and excited about the future in this position.

Elena Mihajloska, Head of Marketing

Elena paints the picture of Singular with words via PR content, promotional materials, SM posts and email campaigns. Her biggest satisfaction is when people inside and outside the company recognize the message the company delivers as authentic and meaningful.


Dependencies. To complete a project successfully, we often need input from other departments. Getting everyone on board for the realization of a project takes a lot of multitasking, streamlining and persuasion 😉.


I am a YOGA practitioner with an unsettling mind 🧘.

qa team
The QA team, from left to right: Mihaela, Verche, Ivana

Stay tuned for the following edition of “HER #SingularStory” where our teammates from the office in Tbilisi will share their challenges and achievements.

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