Her #SingularStory – Part 2 – Tbilisi Office

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Last week, we marked the International Women’s Day by recognizing the involvement and the contribution of our female teammates working in Skopje. This week we share with you the second part of Her #SingularStory told by our Georgian Singularian women.

Once again,  why Her #SingularStory and not #HerSingularStory ?

BECAUSE he and she tell the same story at our company, the #SingularStory. The narrative does not change with the gender. Recognition, appraisal and expectations are the same. We believe that we must even up the playground as a first step towards inclusion and empowerment.

Tamta Davitashvili, Business Analyst

The analytical minsted involved in the planning and design implementation of the project. She enjoys brainstorming with team and assisting developers in the development phase.


Understanding the technical details of project. Technical details and mathlib are very complex, but this also makes my job interesting.


There was a time when I was rugby player 🏈.
P.S Singular is a company where, I think, the most khinkalis, kebabs, and shaurmas have been eaten. I don’t think anyone can handle an eating competition with the Singular family.

Tamari Katchashvili, HRM & General Affairs

She takes care of office and the people. From an administrative aspect she creates all necessary documentation for the HR department including annual evaluations. But she definitely enjoys most the part where she gets to plan team building activities for the Singular team. It feels great to create something that makes my teammates happy.


Making Singular the most attractive place to work on the local market.


One of these activities is the annual Singular’s Birthday party. I am responsible for all aspects of the organizations including communication with the print house. However, I don’t have a lot of experience in it so I ordered a banner so big we couldn’t get it on the second floor where our party was taking place. So we placed it in the entrance hall of the hotel. The upside of the story? Every visitor of hotel was informed about Singular’s birthday party :)))

tech women
From left to right: Sopho, Tamari, Katie (former Singular employee), Tamta

Sophio Labadze, Project Manager


She overviews the entire project starting with discussing project requirements with clients, communicating those requirements with the team, creating design packages, monitoring development and QA processes, even implementing clients’ change and service requests. By far her favorite part is planning and discussing new projects with her team. During these discussions, she gets most valuable insight about the project at hand.


Definitely, communication with clients. Understanding what they want, getting them understand the development process, the timeline ect.


Once I was watching my wedding dance on my phone, while few of my teammates were playing FIFA on the Xbox. I mistakenly clicked on the screen sharing button and shared my video on their TV exactly at the moment when one of them was about to score. At first they were completely confused, thought I was pranking them. Quickly the whole office was laughing with tears. Anyways, I couldn’t undo it immediately, so they were kind of forced to watch the entire dance.

Sopo Gates, Graphic Designer

She creates various visuals for our clients’ online platforms. “I love my job, but let’s get real, lunch time is my favourite part of the day” – she says.


Every task is unique which makes my work more challenging.


I look very young, so people tend to think I am still in school. When someone asks me: Which grade are you in? – I say, I was in the 12th, 5 years ago.

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