How to keep Millennials interested in iGaming

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Traditional casinos are unattractive to the tech-savvy, technology dependent generation. The so known millennial ask for more flexibility, and interactive user experience. These new trends industry are creating appealing iGaming solutions for this generation.

The success of iGaming providers will depend on their ability to engage the “next-gen” generation.

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1.Millennials driving the iGaming mobile trend

Millennials love spending time on their smartphones. For Millennials, their mobiles are their door to the world. They gain valuable information, engage in meaningful conversations, express their opinions and even emotions with a few taps on their small black screens.

According to the Global Online Gambling & Betting Market, mobile is expected to reach over 40% of the total online gambling market by 2018. Millennials are contributing towards this change with 52% using mobile for viewing content, in contrast to 14% of baby boomers and 34% of generation X.

The iGaming companies can take advantage of this shift in preferences by granting users’ access to mobile betting platforms. More specifically, allow gamers to play casino games on their mobiles, placing bets even while commuting.

However, they must place additional attention on the differences in the mobile user experience compared to desktops. Millennials have high standards for quality user experience. Avoiding the unnatural feel of a smaller screen with fewer options and optimization features will be crucial.

2.Millennials demand higher social interaction in online casinos

Millennials may spend majority of their time hooked to their gadgets, but they are still one of the most social and engaged generations. They seek for gaming environments rich with opportunities for social interaction.

However, this interaction is more often digital, than face-to face. For Millennials, walking into a casino may be more of a “trouble”. They would prefer joining an online casino room with an easy click from the comfort of their own home.

As long as the people on the other side of the screen are real, the excitement is also real.

In recent years, companies have created online casinos that also provide chat streams and even live dealer casino games. Now you can play and interact in real time, with a real life person who runs the game via streaming video.

Little piece of heaven for the Millennials.

Nowadays, we are witnessing an increased overlapping of social media, gaming and gambling under the umbrella term of “social gaming”. The newest trends go beyond social gaming with virtual and augmented reality elements.

Take a look at some additional weird, wonderful and wacky ways VR is being used.

3.Millennials are active participants

If there is one thing you need to know about Millennials is that they hate standing behind the line, observing. They want to take part in defining the experience they consume. They want to challenge the status quo, participate in the creation or at least influence the outcome in some way. According to the Marketing Research, 40% of Millennials define an environment as ideal if it allows them to co-create the experience.

Skill-based games have emerged as an answer to this demand. Millennials can influence the outcome depending on their gaming competences. The result is not based on mere luck. No surprise that online poker, DFS and eSports are the most widely played games by this generation. Their key incentive is not solely financial gain, but also the chance to “beat the house”.

Keep one thing in mind when thinking about the Millennials. They may don’t find online betting highly ethical, but they love a good challenge. 😉

That being said, we have to admit, rather, the obvious. Millennials may have been the initiators of this shift of preferences. However, demand for more interactive content has increased across other population groups too.

I mean who wouldn’t want to dive into the magic of a virtual casino.

Or as Nicholas G. Colon says it in a recent article for the Gambling Insider: It’s the games, Stupid!

New technology opens new opportunities and we have to leave the old way of doing things. Regardless whether we are creating about the Millennials or any other demographic cohort.

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