We seek a perfect combination of these characteristics:


While we ideally seek perfect matches, we are still open to the idea of hiring Freelancers, Padawans and Hitchhikers. They fuel us with creativity, novelty and diversity.



Aptitude is represented by your skills and abilities. We admire talent and if you are talented, we want you onboard. Your experience and knowledge is the first thing we look at in recruiting. This is why we give you a technical task after successful interviews and check your knowledge in related fields.


Fortitude is represented by your enthusiasm for work, future orientation, and drive. If you have specific life goals and work hard to achieve them, you are our person! You constantly challenge yourself and We are looking for your boldness and courage.


Attitude stands for your mental position and cultural fit with us. Through all recruiting process we are checking whether you share our 6 core values. We are building a very specific culture over here, so we don’t want to waste your time if you will feel unhappy working with us.

In general, we like those who know who we are and what we do. We like people who’ve been following our story. We want people who are excited to become the crucial part of our journey.


These are the stages of the hiring process


  • Stage 1: Selection

    Once the position has been posted, candidates apply via e-mail. In this stage, all applicants are carefully reviewed and considered. The preliminary screening is primarily based upon the applicant’s’ self-stated qualifications, conveyed by the resumes or applications. Before being invited for an interview, expect exchange of a few e-mails.

  • Stage 2: Interviews

    This is the stage when we get to know you! We hate the idea of shallow, repetitive interviews. Instead, we like to assemble solid profile based on the compilation of several deep, competency-specific questions. But we also want to get to know you as a person, so don’t be surprised if we ask you what your favorite books and TV series are or how you spend your spare time.

  • Stage 3: Technical Task

    The interesting part – this is when you get to show your talent and work your magic! Make sure that the technical task is perfect combination of your aptitude (skills), your fortitude (enthusiasm) and your attitude (values). Don’t worry! In our opinion, an effective determination of technical proficiency goes far beyond the nuances of technical details. We appreciate fundamental technical strength and understanding, creative thinking, and problem solving.

  • Stage 4: Onboarding

    This is the time to celebrate! You are on board! We know that transitions in life are not easy, but we rather look at them as opportunities. That’s why we will make you feel welcome and we will give you confidence and resources to make an impact within the company and ultimately to shine under the spotlight! Cheers to that!