iGaming Platform – June updates

1. Support for game launch with different bet configurations

Operator can now set different bet limits for different users. Based on user status, each game can be launched with different bet configuration.


2. Demo Play support

Games can be launched in demo mode enabling users to play the game just for fun without using their funds.


3. Integrated with Spribe for mini games support


4. Re-wrote and launched Persistance API for AB, which gives us more than 10% increase in performance.


5. Website CMS now fully supports all the components. Including, contact us, faq, rules…


6. Optimized and added new functionality in CMS for Game List Management. New functionality now allows users to:

  • Create dynamic game lists
  • Support different thumbnail sizes. Now game can be added in one of the four sizes.
  • Drag & Drop feature, that allows administrator to easily sort and reorder games in the list
  • Game labels management – Allowing administrator to attach different labels to the games that will be displayed to the users on the web site


7. Payment SDK – allowing easy and simple integration / support of the payments on the web site


8. Manual Bonus Activation in CBS

Allowing users to explicitly specify in which campaign they want to participate


9. Deployment of new CORE  system for AB


10. Paddy Powers Bet service was launched on the production for AB


11. SAM was launched on production for AB