Inside Singular’s Sliema Team: Meet Our Teammates Mark, Ryan, and Milos

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Big hello from sunny Sliema, a popular Maltese destination not only among those who love the beach life but for iGaming enthusiasts as well. 😊 As you may already know, Singular has its main office in Sliema, where the team is taking care of our sales & account management operations. What makes us really happy, is that our Sliema team has grown quite a lot in the past few months and we got the chance to welcome bright & ambitious people into our team.

In our previous article, we’ve introduced our account management team, but in this one, we want you to meet three of our newcomers: Mark Fava, Ryan Dalli, and Milos Djoric. We’ve asked them a couple of questions to get to know them better and learn more about their #SingularStory. Among the three of them, we have a sci-fi aficionado, a creative soul, and a passionate traveler. Read along and get inside the world of our teammates!

First things first – let’s spill some beans! Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

Mark: My name is Mark Buhagiar Fava. I live on the tiny island of Malta (where I was also born), famous for its 300 days of sunshine :). I love traveling. So far, I have managed to visit: New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Rome, Courmayeur, Paris, Toulouse, Sicily, London, Bristol, Melbourne & Gold Coast. It is not a lot considering how many other cities I would love to visit :).

My career has been quite an adventure. I have obtained my Degree and joined a manufacturing company as an IT student. From that point onwards, I have worked in the banking sector and the gaming industry, changing a few companies along the way. I originally started my journey as a developer and moved on to project management/product owner roles.

Ryan: I’m a 26 years old Maltese, and by profession, I’m an Advocate. From a personal perspective, I’m a person who likes good company and good food. I also have a geekier side, as I’m a huge video game enthusiast, sci-fi aficionado, basketball fan, and a curious reader.

Milos: I am from Serbia, but I have been living in Malta for eight years now. Before iGaming, I worked in the development industry but since I was always a fan of technology, moving to iGaming is one of the best decisions I have ever made. As for my work experience in the industry, before Singular I worked for two casino/sportsbook/lottery operators in CRM and casino product-oriented roles.

Mark Buhagiar Fava, Technical Project Manager

How did your journey with Singular begin?

Mark: The first time I heard about Singular was through a recruiter, who introduced me to the founders, at which point I was hooked. My previous experience was always with B2B, and I wanted a new challenge in life. The more I looked into the company, the more I was convinced of my choice.

Ryan: I joined Singular quite recently at the beginning of this year. The opportunity came about when the Head of Legal, whom I knew previously from when we were on opposite sides during litigation, reached out to me and asked whether I would be interested in working with him as legal counsel for Singular. I had the pleasure of discussing the opportunity with him and with Darko Gacov (one of the founders of Singular) before joining. I was convinced right away of the opportunity which they had offered me.

Milos: I started working for Singular in December last year. I was recommended by a good friend, now a colleague, for the position of Account Manager. The role itself is very dynamic, with plenty of challenges. But it is also extremely fun and rewarding, in terms of the knowledge one can accumulate through the role.

Overall, describe how you feel working at Singular by using just one word.

Mark: Rewarding

Ryan: Outstanding! It may be a word that is often used in Singular, but as anyone who works at the company can attest to, there is certainly much reason behind such a motto.

Milos: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Ryan Dalli, Legal Counsel

What motivates you in life? Is there a quote you live by, or maybe you have a role model you look up to?

Mark: I am not a firm believer of quotes or role models, not that I don’t think they are important, but I like to set my own goals and strive to achieve them. I was taught from a very young age that your achievements and success are the best things you can aim for in life. If there is one quote I live by though is definitely “enjoy whatever you do in life.”

Ryan: ‘Never be afraid to take a leap of faith and jump into the unknown.’ In essence, I just believe that in life, fear of the unknown should never stop a person from doing something which will help him grow.

Milos: My biggest motivation is the thirst for knowledge. With Singular, no day so far was the same, and I have pretty much learned something new every day since I joined. And as for the quote, my favourite one is “Improvise – Adapt – Overcome!”

So, we know what you’re working on during the day, but what’s your superpower by night? Any hobbies you want to share with us?

Mark: Given the nature of our climate, summer activities are on top of my agenda. So, you can see me do anything which allows me to spend time outdoors, such as walks by the beach and swimming.

Ryan: I enjoy meeting up with friends in social activities, playing a video game here and there, and watching the occasional basketball game. At the moment, I am also preparing for another Masters’s Degree, so it keeps me quite busy.

Milos: My hobbies consist of reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, comic books, manga, and watching movies and anime. I am also an amateur actor and a wannabe painter/writer, and I also love music. But unfortunately, I have come to realize that these ten fingers are not capable of creating music.

Milos Djoric, Account Manager

Just for fun… Answer THIS or THAT 😀


Mark: Coffee

Ryan: Coffee

Milos: Coffee… A lot of coffee!


Mark: Dog all my life

Ryan: Dog

Milos: Dogs


Mark: Early bird

Ryan: Night owl

Milos: “The sun’s down and the moon’s pretty – it’s time to ramble.”- Elvis Presley


Mark: Comedy

Ryan: Comedy

Milos: Both


Mark: Pizza WITH doesn’t exist. 🙂

Ryan: I think pizza works with every topping.

Milos: Mama mia, no pineapple!

We’re beyond grateful and proud to have Mark, Ryan, and Milos as part of the #SingularTeam. Their thorough knowledge and years of work experience contribute to making both the Singular products and the brand itself what they are today – a state-of-the-art software and an internationally recognized company.

If you wish to take your career a step further and work on award-winning software, you’re more than welcome to check out our Career page and browse through the open positions. Once you join our team, maybe it will be you featured in one of our future articles! 😉

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