International Women’s Day 2021: We Choose to Challenge

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International Women’s Day is more than just a global holiday. It is a reminder to acknowledge the amazing achievements and challenges of women throughout history from all around the world. But, the global day also means more than a celebration of womanhood – it is here to support women on their journey to fight for justice and equal opportunities. 

While the day itself means different things to different people, one thing is certain: Together we should stand up for creating a safe, inclusive, and fair environment for every woman. For that matter, this year Singular decided to join the official theme campaign of International Women’s Day – #ChooseToChallenge, and we do that by raising our hand up, saying “no” to gender inequality in all its forms! 

You can find out more information about the global campaign at the official website for International Women’s Day.

Change comes from the smallest acts

Even though a lot has been improved, there is still plenty to change. Modern society has come a long way when it comes to women’s rights and gender equality, but unfortunately, a lot of aspects of it still remain unchanged. The only way we can disrupt the status quo is to challenge it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that change should come in the form of big changes in the legal system or world pact of some sort (although that may be nice!). 

You can choose to challenge the stereotypes when discussing with friends. You can choose to challenge inequality by educating your younger siblings about their rights in the world. To challenge also means to do small things every day that support the cause. Whether that would be the way you think, talk or act, or even learning more about why this is important and spreading the message in any way that’s acceptable to you.

What do we choose to challenge at Singular?

At Singular, we deeply care about creating an equal work environment for each employee, regardless of their gender. We choose to challenge the belief that the tech industry is only for men. We know this for a fact because we have talented and brilliant women in all teams across our three offices in Tbilisi, Skopje, and Sliema. These women are capable of so much and they contribute a lot to the success of Singular with their passion, knowledge, and work ethics. 

In order to successfully challenge the stereotype and support women in their tech journey, we make special efforts to reduce the gender gap in employment. Our HR department is dedicated to this matter and makes sure to give equal chances to each job candidate. Thanks to this, we can proudly state that the number of women in our teams has increased by 214.3% in the past six months alone. While this number indicates progress, we are aware that there’s a great deal to be done yet. Closing the gender gap is a slow and often challenging process, but it is certainly one we’re happy to go through. 

Encouraging female leadership

Each employee at Singular is given a chance to grow within the company. Benefits come in different forms, and whether we’re talking about promotion, bonuses, or learning opportunities, all of Singular’s employees are given fair consideration no matter their position, seniority level, or gender, for that matter. 

In fact, we are proud to have women leading whole departments and teams. We have Sanata Chargazia, as our Head of HR department, Elena Inadeska-Avramovska, as our Head of HR at Singular Skopje, Elena Mihajloska as our Head of Marketing, and the list goes on: Sophiko Gelashvili as our Deployment Manager in Tbilisi, Ana Jovanova as Sportsbook’s Product Owner in Skopje, and other female colleagues in the roles of project managers and team leads.

The challenge goes on

While we fully respect and support this year’s official theme, we also believe that challenging the stereotypes that contribute to inequality should be an on-going process. It shouldn’t stop tomorrow, or next year, or ever, for that matter. Whatever you choose to challenge, make it count, and make it contribute to creating a better world for women no matter where they are. 

As a company, Singular will continue to work towards developing a workplace that will inspire its employees to act on the challenge and contribute in any way possible. We will make sure that each and every one of our employees will be glad to be a part of an inclusive company – one that isn’t afraid to challenge stereotypes and seek out the best not only for the company itself but for society as well.

Singular is wishing you a Happy International Women’s Day! 🌷 Let’s not forget everything that women did so that we can speak our minds freely, choose a career of our choice solely, and become the woman we dreamt of becoming. We raise our hand up, and together we stand for making a difference in the world.

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