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Sopho and David joined Singular a year ago, under the mentorship of one of our product Owners, Giorgi, to become junior project managers. We had a little chat with them to see how the journey has been so far.

Introducing Sopho, Junior PM working on payment solution projects and David, Junior PM working on gaming platform projects.

#1 Tell us how you started working at Singular…

Sopho: I joined Singular in November 2016. On Free University e-mail I received information that there was an opening for Junior Project Manager. The job description sounded very intriguing and I was interested in IT management. I had chosen IT management as a major and that was also an important factor in my decision to apply. I sent my CV, had an interview and I was hired.

David: When I started working at Singular I was a third-year student. At that time, I was looking for a job to gain some experience. Then all of a sudden my faculty’s Facebook page posted an info about Singular looking for junior PMs and I just thought “why not, at least I will get an interview experience”. I had heard about Singular before — when I was a freshman they conducted a public lecture in my university on some security topic and I could not quite understand a single word back then 😀 .
I sent my CV and then some time after I got a call, attended two interviews, made a small project and now I am here working as a junior PM at Singular.


#2 What have you learned so far?

Sopho: It hasn’t even been a year since I started working at Singular, but I already feel like I have learned a lot. I’ve learned things I couldn’t learn from books at university. It’s difficult to list everything, but I grew the most during the past few months. There’s a huge opportunity for growth and self-development. We acquire knowledge from different kind of projects and every new project gives us new experience and knowledge.

David: I’ve not been working for a long time but think I have already learned quite a lot actually.

I had a chance to scratch the surface of the overall management process. Although I don’t write code, I gained a good knowledge of the development process and found out about new technologies that are used for programming today.

One of the most challenging things was acquiring certificate of ITIL, which is a set of detailed practices for IT service management. I am really glad Singular gave me the chance to gain this important knowledge and pin the certificate on my LinkedIn profile 😀

#3 The best thing about being part of Singular…

Sopho: It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing that is best about working here; there are a lot of reasons. I love what I am doing, I think it’s quite interesting and doesn’t get boring. I’m fascinated by the team. Each and every one of them is very friendly and warm. This creates an atmosphere where it doesn’t feel like it’s a job.

David: For me, one the best things about being part of Singular is that people are willing to explain things I don’t understand when I ask or stumble across a problem. I guess this is the most important factor that enabled me to get most of the knowledge I have acquired so far at Singular.

Also the overall atmosphere is really cool, working here doesn’t feel like an office where you have bosses looking down at you.


#4 What is the most fun memory of being #teamSingular?

Sopho: The most fun memory was the Orbeti team building. All of us were acting like kids, competing against each other in sports activities. There were a lot of funny moments that I will always recall very fondly.

David: There are quite a lot of fun memories of being a part of #teamSingular but the coolest of them is probably team building in Orbeti which included various activities to test our sport, agility and brain skills + the incredible out-of-city nature. Despite the rainy weather, we had a great time being together as a team.


#5 What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Sopho: I enjoy relaxing with friends, watching movies, going to the cinema. Fun is associated with friends, therefore, I always try to spend some time with them.

David: Well, first of all, I am a student, so outside of work I have to attend lectures, do homework, projects etc. It takes biggest portion of my out-of-work time when it is not summer or any other holiday. I enjoy doing regular things like hanging out in the bar with friends, petting my cat, watching YouTube videos about creation of black holes, etc.

We wish Sopho and David best of luck going forward and happy to have them in Singular family.

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