Meet Aleksandra, Trajche & Boro, the Newbies from the Sportsbook Team

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New month, new employees for you to meet & greet! 😊 We’re happy to keep our Meet the Newbies blog series going because it enables us to show everyone the great teammates we get to have here at Singular. In our previous article, we’ve talked with the newbies from the Core Team based in Tbilisi. But, in this one, we’re going back to our Skopje Office.

Meet Aleksandra, Boro, and Trajche, the newbies from our Sportsbook Team. They’ve joined the team a couple of months ago, so it was time for us to ask our questions and learn something more about our teammates. Read along to meet them the right way. 😀

First things first – let’s spill some beans.
Tell us a bit about yourself 😊.

Aleksandra: Hi, I’m Aleksandra. I joined Singular 4 months ago as a Product Specialist in the Service Delivery Team. I love my job! As a product-oriented person, I am curious and eager to explore new product management trends and technologies. On a more personal level, I am a friendly, positive-thinking person, and I enjoy traveling.

Boro: Hello, my name is Boro, I am 26-years old, and I am coming from Valandovo. I am a big football fan and a lifelong Manchester United supporter.

Trajche: Hello everyone. I joined the Singular Team as QA Manual Engineer at the beginning of December. I’m born and raised in Strumica and have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Also, I have a huge passion for basketball as a sport. I can’t imagine a day without good music. I enjoying hanging out with friends and colleagues and I am always open to new friendships.

Aleksandra Kuzmanovska, Product Specialist

We are also curious to know what made you choose your profession?

Aleksandra: Being a Product Specialist represents a mixed role. On one hand, it means understanding the business logic of product processes and features and having technical experience, on the other hand. That is the exact blend that I identify with: Being faced with different challenges to solve on a day-to-day basis, but at the same time, working close to the client to understand their needs, and therefore the potential for product improvement.

Boro: Well, it was not something I planned to become, honestly. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics, and I was job hunting when I came across the open position for Sports Data Editor. Because of my passion for sports, I found it interesting and decided to apply. A few weeks later, here I am – Sports Data Editor at Singular.

Trajche: The need and desire to do everything perfectly, as well as to always deliver a high-quality product through bug-tracking and suggestions about improving the product. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in what I do, and it is why I chose to be QA Manual Engineer in the first place.

So, how did your journey with Singular begin?

Aleksandra: It has all begun with the positive recommendations from colleagues that already worked here, and indeed all the good words are true. 🙂

Boro: I did some research and saw that Singular is a fast-growing company in one of the most perspective industries that operate on the international market. I like the culture of the company. I believe that being a part of it will open opportunities to develop on both a professional and personal level.

Trajche: When I was a student, I attended a class where we had a Singular employee as a guest. He presented the company, what they do, what technology they are working with, etc. That caught my attention, and afterward, I did some research about the company. I talked with people about it, and they were always giving me positive feedback. That was my motivation to apply, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to be a part of such a company.

What do you like the most about working at Singular?

Aleksandra: I like the people, the knowledge-sharing, as well as the well-organized and documented processes. Also, I like the transparency, the insight into the work done by other teams, and the opportunities to grow.

Boro: I like the fact that the company has a well-defined structure. Every team member has their own responsibilities and contributes towards the common goal, which of course is, getting Singular to the next level.

Trajche: The teamwork and the constant communication among the teammates. Also, I like that I always receive help when needed. I am glad there are a positive work environment and opportunities to grow as a QA Manual Engineer.

Boro Tanchev, Sports Data Editor

When it comes to the team part of the work, what’s your experience like being a new team member while working from home?

Aleksandra: I feel like I fit in. The colleagues are easy to reach, and there is amazing teamwork. I like that every opinion matters.

Boro: Starting a new job during a global pandemic has its difficulties. But, I have to say that I have full support from my colleagues, who really helped me settle in as smoothly as possible. We communicate regularly on Slack and always help each other with all the new challenges we’re facing down the road.

Trajche: Honestly, it was challenging and exciting. Everything was new to me, with a lot of information to absorb. But with proper help and guidance from my teammates, everything was made easier for me. I’m grateful that I’m part of such a great team.

What’s your go-to productivity hack that helps you stay top-notch?

Aleksandra:  I always make a to-do list of priorities and plan the day according to the daily meetings and current projects. A cup of coffee always contributes.

Boro: In my previous work experience, I’ve learned that organization is the key to successful work. I try to be well-organized, so I have a list of all my tasks for the upcoming period, and I always prioritize them. It helps me finish the most urgent tasks first.

Trajche: To have a cup of coffee every day in the morning one hour before doing everything else and always have good music for motivation.

Overall, describe how you feel working at Singular by using just one word.

Aleksandra: Great 🙂

Boro: Awesome

Trajche: Motivated

Trajche Velev, QA Manual Engineer

And last, but not least. We know that you do during the day, but what’s your superpower by night? Any hobbies you want to share with us?

Aleksandra: I love nature and hiking, but I also enjoy off-road bike riding. I like to spend time with family and friends.

Boro: I am Superman, so I am pretty busy in the evenings saving the world. 😀 No, seriously, I have a part-time job as a Content writer for a football website, so I spend some of my time writing articles and analyzing football matches. I also like to spend my free time with my dog, or doing some sports activity. In the “lazy evening” I prefer to enjoy a good movie with a glass of nice wine.

Trajche: I usually play basketball once or twice a week. Jogging is something I almost do every day after work, and if I have some free time, I play video games, watch movies, series, etc.

We wish Aleksandra, Boro, and Trajche a warm welcome to the Singular Team! We have no doubts that all three of them will continue to work successfully as they did by now. At Singular, we’re always searching for employees who align with our mission, vision, and team culture.

You can check out the current job opportunities we offer and apply to join the team. If you would like to start or upgrade your tech career in a fast-paced and exciting industry as iGaming is, then Singular is the place to work. 😎 #BeOutstanding

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