Meet Ani, Levan and Nana, Our Newbies at Singular Tbilisi

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One of the things that we love about our #MeetTheNewbies series is that we get to know better teammates across all three Singular offices in Georgia, North Macedonia, and Malta. We’re proud to say that our teams consist of people who aren’t only talented and great at what they do, but they’re also super cool! In this article, we’re presenting to you three of our Tbilisi newbies who joined us a while ago. Ladies and gents, meet Ani Iashvili, Levan Mtchedlishvili, and Nana Zedginidze! 😀

First things first – let’s spill some beans!
Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

Ani: Hey there, my name is Ani. I’m 25 years old UI/UX Designer and part of the Singular team since September 2021. 

Levan: Hello, I’m Levan Mtchedlishvili, 30 years old. I work as a System Analyst and joined the Singular team in September 2021.

Nana: Hello, I am Nana Zedginidze, 24 years old. I work as a DBA who joined the Singular team in August 2021. 

Ani Iashvili, UI/UX Designer

We’re also curious to know what made you choose your profession?

Ani: I was quite lucky to discover my passion unexpectedly. I was majoring in Public health at Medical University when I landed a UI/UX Intern position at one of the Georgian companies. I’ve been drawing digitally for years and knew how to use Photoshop and Illustrator here and there, but never had any experience with this specific type of work, so it was quite risky for me to make that decision. I had to either decline the opportunity and follow my Medical career (which wasn’t really my thing) or enter a whole new field with zero knowledge/experience, which would basically make all the years at Uni go to waste (or so they say)… Well… As it turns out, trusting your gut is a great idea. 

Levan: It’s a very interesting job because it includes making various IT decisions and understanding technical solutions.

Nana: When I graduated from the university faculty of computer science, I was sure about choosing the tech industry. Being a DBA is what I like the most. It consists of everything required to manage a database and make it available as needed. It is a critically important role in many of today’s IT departments. 

So, how did your journey with Singular begin?

Ani: I found a Job listing from Singular on one of the recruiting websites. Since I’ve heard many good things about the company, I decided to apply.

Levan: I heard about Singular 5 years ago and I had the motivation to start working at the company all those years, so in 2021 I sent my CV.

Nana: With a call and several interviews, Also, I had heard a lot of good things about this company from my colleagues in the tech industry. In reality, everything turned out to be true. 

Levan Mtchedlishvili, System Analyst

What do you like the most about working at Singular?

Ani: I like being part of the professional team. When there’s a healthy work ethic in a team, it keeps me motivated to do better. It’s been two months since I started working and I have already learned so much since I had no experience working in the iGaming industry, that also opened up new avenues for me to hone my skill. Also, everyone is super friendly and supportive, which is a huge plus. Meeting new people is always stressful for me, but everyone’s warm welcome easily broke the ice and even though I’m new, it gave me the feeling that I belong to this team. 

Levan: What I like the most about Singular are the interesting tasks, the friendly people and their experience and knowledge.

Nana: What I like the most about working at Singular are the friendly staff and the nice atmosphere. There is always an opportunity to learn new interesting things which is important for me.

What’s your experience like being the new team member while working from home?

Ani: I thought it would be hard, but daily meetings make the process of getting to know others much easier. 

Levan: It’s hard, but we have active online communication with each other and it helps.

Nana: I was thinking that it would be a difficult experience, but thanks to my team members I adapted quickly and enjoyed the new challenges from my job.

Nana Zedginidze, DBA

What’s your go-to productivity hack that helps you stay top-notch?

Ani: It’s quite hard to be productive when you’re working from home. So, one of the hacks that work for me is makeup. Whenever it’s a workday, it doesn’t matter if I’m going out somewhere to work or staying at home, I always do my makeup before the start of the workday. Not only do I love doing my makeup, but it also makes me feel professional and ready to do the job.

Levan: Coffee in the morning and interesting tasks.

Nana: If I want to work at my best, I have to keep my body healthy as well. So, Morning exercises boost my productivity a lot.

Overall, describe how you feel working at Singular by using just one word.

Ani: Exciting.

Levan: Awesome.

Nana: Adventurous.

And last, but not least. We know what you’re doing during the day, but what’s your superpower by night? Any hobbies you want to share with us?

Ani: I have a lot of hobbies; drawing, gaming, hiking and DIY. I love FPS games, currently, I’m obsessed with Apex Legends. I draw digitally whenever my art block clears. Also, around a year ago I started creating Polymer clay Jewelry. My new year’s resolution is to try making and designing more. I love relaxing and watching movies or tv shows with my SO. Also going out for long walks with friends after work helps me clear my head and unwind after a long day of being creative.

Levan: I like to build RC Aircrafts and play computer games.

Nana: Well, when I am not playing with data structures, I like cooking, spending time with my family and friends, reading, watching movies, learning new things, listening to music and podcasts, just thinking, etc.

It was so fun getting to know all three of you! We’re so excited to have such bright minds on the team who are just as amazing outside of work as well. Congratulations on your stellar work, we can’t wait to celebrate work anniversaries with you! 🌟

At Singular, we’re always searching for employees who align with our mission, vision, and team culture. You can check out the current job opportunities we offer and apply to join the team. If you would like to work on award-winning software, then Singular is the place to be. 😎 #BeOutstanding

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