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To #BeOutstanding requires a lot of hard work dedicated to delivering innovative solutions on the market. The truth is, this can’t be done without a great team working behind the curtains. We’re very proud to have such teams by our side! What makes us even happier is that the teams keep on growing in such challenging times.

But, since the Covid-19 outbreak started, we weren’t able to properly meet the new guys & gals joining our teams. That’s why we decided to start a #SingularSeries and give a shoutout to all new team members working so hard to make Singular an internationally recognized brand with award-winning solutions.

For that purpose, we asked them a couple of questions about themselves and their work, so that we can get to know them a little better… As almost as if we’re chatting during coffee breaks at the office. ☕

Ladies and gents, presenting you Bozhidar, Bojan & Vlatko, fresh from the #SportsbookTeam based in our Skopje Office!

First things first – let’s spill some beans! Tell us a bit about yourself. 🙂

Bozhidar: Well, hello there, Bozidar here. I’m born and raised in Skopje. Big fan of Star Wars, video games, and Liverpool. I enjoy a good book and also listen to music, mostly hip hop.
Bojan: I am a Product Ops who joined Singular at the beginning of March. I consider myself already blended in the team considering I started working right before the quarantine began.
Vlatko: Hey there, I’m the Sports Data Editor at Singular. I believe I have a solid background in Sports Data thanks to my experience in the industry, where I’ve learned a lot about sports betting – terms, sports, markets and outcomes, type of bets, strategies, betting systems.

“I prioritize my tasks in a to-do list to keep things well-organized, in case ad-hoc tasks come up.”

We’re also curious to know – what made you choose your profession?

Bozhidar: I started out my career path as a Java developer. But, because of circumstances in the previous company, I got more involved in testing than in developing. It was an interesting challenge and here in Singular, I got the chance to grow my skills and keep upgrading myself while I am helping my team.
Bojan: Constant dynamic in the work environment and working with emerging technologies was decisive for me to work on Product Operation a.k.a Sportsbook DevOps.
Vlatko: My passion for sports and my previously great experiences with the sports data industry were the major reasons why I’ve become a Sports Data Editor.

What made you choose Singular over other companies?

Bozhidar: The culture of the company and the specific industry Singular is in. It was a big change of scenery from my previous work experience, but it was a challenge I wanted to take and I’m glad that I got the opportunity.
Bojan: Consulting with former and present employees and hearing their experience was the key factor for choosing Singular.
Vlatko: I’ve been doing some research and all I’ve heard was great stuff about Singular from former and current employees. The company has great values and a work environment that are perfect for me and I believe for everybody else.

What do you like the most about working at Singular?

Bozhidar: The opportunity to grow my skills and knowledge, and to meet people from different cultures and countries.
Bojan: Efficiently dividing the work responsibilities among the team members is what caught my attention and I really like it.
Vlatko: I like working with people who share the same passion as me (about sports), and it makes the job easier.

“I like to start my day with 30-40 minutes of cardio training to wake up my body and mind. After that, I prepare a hot cup of coffee, preferably espresso and then I am ready to start the day.”

Given you joined the company during quarantine times, how has this affected the team part of the work? What’s your experience as a new team member?

Bozhidar: It was a bit challenging since there is a lot of ground to cover and a lot of information to absorb. In my opinion, it is a bit easier when you are in the office. But nevertheless, the team was helpful and introduced me to the product very well. They are here for any questions I may have. So, I believe that I adapted well and was up to the challenge.
Bojan: Considering that the situation at the beginning was very new for all of us, I think that we had very good team communication and flexibility. It helped with many aspects of the work, starting from knowledge transfer to more complex tasks being performed.
Vlatko: Adaptation to a new job is tough. As a new team member during quarantine times, I couldn’t be happier to have these guys as my colleagues. They’ve helped me through the “onboarding” process, and they’ve accepted me really fast as a new team member. Although we’ve never met in person, I feel like knowing them well and I’m thankful that I’ve fitted in quickly in the team.

What’s your best productivity hack that helps you stay top-notch?

Bozhidar: I like to start my day with 30-40 minutes of cardio training to wake up my body and mind. After that, I prepare a hot cup of coffee, preferably espresso and then I am ready to start the day. During the day music is helping me to stay focused and keep my productivity and a few cups of coffee as well 😊
Bojan: I prioritize my tasks in a to-do list to keep things well-organized, in case ad hoc tasks come up. This way I make sure to avoid time-consuming shifting between tasks and have things delivered at the end of the day.
Vlatko: Clear off your desk, and always focus on one thing at a time.

Overall, describe how you feel working at Singular by using just one word.

Bozhidar: Excited
Bojan: Smooth
Vlatko: Growing

“Clear off your desk, and always focus on one thing at a time.”

And last, but not least. We know what you work on during the day, but what’s your superpower by night? Any hobbies you want to share with us?

Bozhidar: Well, before the pandemic I was enjoying playing basketball and swimming at least 2-3 times a week. Also playing video games, reading books, and most recently I was able to start a new hobby – collecting and reading manga. For those not familiar with it, it is a Japanese style of writing comic books. So you can say it is a comic book. 🙂 I wanted to start for a while now and the pandemic gave me the perfect excuse to start it.
Bojan: Outside working hours I put all my attention to all kinds of sports activities, such as fishing and exploring our nature. I believe this is important so that we can maintain balance.
Vlatko: As a former basketball player (for 9 years), I’m playing basketball every week just for fun. Basically playing sports is my hobby, but here’s something that almost no one knows. I’m a Scarf Collector. Yes, you read that right. I’m collecting ORIGINAL Football Scarves from official TEAM Fan shops. I started this hobby back in 2002, and until now I’ve collected more than 110 scarves.

Happy to have on our team all three of you! We’re really glad that you had great onboarding even though you couldn’t meet your teammates in person. But, that’s exactly one of the aspects we really like about Singular’s working atmosphere. With the help and proper usage of digital tools, communicating across all offices is as easy as pie. 😊

This is the first part of our #SingularSeries where we’re going to present the new employees, starting from our Skopje Office. Looking forward to having you meet the newest members of our #OutstandingTeam.

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