Meet the Newbies: Elene, Ani, and Teona from Tbilisi’s Core Team

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Last year was a really big one for us. The Singular team grew significantly and we welcomed 50+ brilliant people across our offices. We already talked with three of the new teammates from #SingularSkopje, and it was great getting to know them! Now it’s time to meet our fellow Georgian newbies.

In our second #MeetTheNewbies article, we present to you: Elene Gabelaia, Ani Ghoghoberidze, and Teona Rusia. They joined our team last year, as part of the Core team in Tbilisi. We asked them a couple of questions, and it was really nice getting to know these wonderful ladies. Read below and get to know them yourself too. 😊

First things first – let’s spill some beans! Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

Elene: Hi there! I’m Elene, joined Singular’s Tbilisi office this November, as a Project Manager in the Core team. I’m quite new to the iGaming industry, but I find it very interesting.
Ani: Hello. I’m Ani from Tbilisi, Georgia. I’m married and have a little daughter. I love animals very much and also have a British shorthair cat.
Teona: I am Teona Rusia. Currently, I work as a QA Automation Engineer at Singular. As for my previous professional experience, I have worked in the private, public and humanitarian sectors. Areas of activity mainly include Software Quality Assurance, Business Analytic, and Data Bases. I graduated from Tbilisi State University and gained both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Sciences and Information Technology fields.

We’re also curious to know what made you choose your profession? 

Elene: I always tried to learn and experience a little bit of everything and I think this is what I’ve liked the most. Communicating with various people, inspiring others, and staying cool under pressure is what makes a good Project Manager.
Ani: I have loved math since childhood. It’s the digital era now. I wanted to have useful and appreciated profession and here I am 😊
Teona: After I had completed my internship abroad and continued studying at the university, I decided to get a job in order to gain more professional experience. Shortly, I found an open position for a Software Tester where the requirements basically met my fields of interests and qualifications. I applied. After several stages of the selection process I was accepted and here began my QA experience which I found very interesting as it was an opportunity to work with different stakeholders and get involved in IT project managing, developing, and testing processing.

Elene Gabelaia, IT Project Manager

How did your journey with Singular begin?

Elene: The journey with Singular began in November, last year, the first month went pretty fast and despite being in the quarantine, I can say that the onboarding process was quite smooth and exciting!
Ani: A friend of mine is working here. When there were open vacancies, I applied myself. I went through an interview, then I performed a task and got hired.
Teona: I wanted to extend my career in software testing automation, so I decided to find a company that has a good sector. I did a little research and that’s how I found Singular.

What do you like the most about working at Singular?

Elene: The experience you’re getting here is diverse and countless. Looking at things with a different perspective and learning something new and meaningful every day.
Ani: There is a very cozy environment here and friendly staff. It means a lot to me.
Teona: Being in a team with such high competence and accordingly, an opportunity for actual professional growth.

Ani Ghoghoberidze, App Support Engineer

When it comes to the team part of the work, what’s your experience like being the new team member during quarantine times? 

Elene: The team has been very helpful, even during the quarantine times, they managed to introduce every little detail step-by-step. I’m thankful for getting such an opportunity to work with this wonderful team 🙂
Ani: Of course, it was not easy. When you enter a new organization you don’t know its structure, programs, etc. I had to find out about everything through online meetings. I had calls almost the whole day and my teammates were explaining me system specifications.
Teona: At first it was pretty challenging and a bit “tough” to join the team during the quarantine period, however, the team was very helpful and the adaptation process became much easier than I expected.

Teona Rusia, QA Automation Engineer

What’s your go-to productivity hack that helps you stay top-notch?

Elene: I like changing the environment often and especially in quarantine – finding a few comfy places at home wasn’t that hard 🙂 Freshly brewed coffee in hand and prioritized task lists are what helps me stay productive.
Ani: I try to prioritize tasks and keep an eye on every slack channel, not to miss anything.
Teona: Prioritizing tasks, focusing on them, and of course, espresso. 🙂 

Overall, describe how you feel working at Singular by using just one word. 

Elene: Outstanding 🙂
Ani: Amazing
Teona: Positive

And last, but not least. We know what you’re working during the day, but what’s your superpower by night? Any hobbies you want to share with us?

Elene: Outside working hours I try to spend my spare time with friends and family. Studying for my master’s degree, researching, and practicing yoga.
Ani: I love to spend my free time with my daughter. Also, I like cooking and I won’t praise myself but I think I cook delicious food.
Teona: During this quarantine, my superpowers are a bit modified and adapted according to the “stay home” conditions, though keeping the healthy lifestyle and regular workouts still remain unchanged.

So happy to have all three of you as part of the #SingularTeam! Together we’re going to fiercely stand for constant innovation and seek success in each of our igaming adventures. It’s a long and winding road, but one meant to be taken alongside the right people.

If you’re up for a remarkable career journey that includes working on award-winning software, among many other benefits, then you should consider joining our team. Who knows, maybe you will be one of the newbies we’re going to talk about in our future articles. 😉 #BeOutstanding

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