Meet Saba, Anastasia & Mikheil, Our New App Support Engineers

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Nothing puts a smile on our faces as the fact that the Singular Team keeps on growing. 😊 We’re happy that we get to welcome new employees to our Tbilisi Office again. As in our previous article, in this one, we also present to you the newbies from the Core Team. Meet Saba, Anastasia, and Mikheil!

They have been a part of the Core Team for a few months now, working as App Support Engineers. We couldn’t wait to hear their #SingularStory and how their career journey got them here. While we can go on about how awesome our teammates are (cool hobbies alert), we suggest you read along and find it out yourself!

First things first – let’s spill some beans.
Tell us a bit about yourself 😊.

Anastasia: Hey there, Anastasia here. I am a 22-year-old computer engineering major at SDSU based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Here at Singular, I have the position of an Application Support Engineer.

Mikheil: Hello, I am Mikheil Ogadze, 24 years old. I work as an Application Support Engineer who joined the Singular team in the middle of September 2020.

Saba: Hello everyone, I am Saba Khmaladze, 25 years old. I like to watch movies, play computer games and of course listen to music.

Mikheil Ogadze, App Support Engineer

We are also curious to know what made you become an Application Support Engineer?

Anastasia: As an engineering major, I was sure about choosing the tech industry. As for the role of Application Support Engineer, the decisive moment for me was the potential of the experience I can gain in this role. Solving different kinds of issues related to products represents a solid foundation of experience for the career path I have chosen.

Mikheil: I have experience working in several fields of Information Technologies before joining Singular. Being an Application Support Engineer is one of my favorites because I get to do what I like the most. For example, communication with different people, as our customers, and helping them/solving lots of different kinds of problems ^_^ . I like analyzing different situations and getting creative in finding solutions.

Saba: Well, I think it’s an interesting position because it includes many things, like client communication. Meeting clients’ expectations requires you to have detailed knowledge about the application that can be very useful even for your life.

So, how did your journey with Singular begin?

Anastasia: A LinkedIn post kept appearing for a year, showing up again and again; until I finally decided to apply for the job a couple of months ago and fortunately I joined Singular. Recently, I came across an old article about the founders of the company and realized that I had read the article before. It turned out that I was inspired by the article while being a high school student. So I guess the journey began way earlier than I thought. 

Mikheil: My journey at Singular began on September 15 of 2020. (In the middle of the pandemic). I had heard a lot of nice things about this company from my friends, which encouraged me to try and become a member of this team. In fact, everything turned out to be the truth.

Saba: My journey with Singular began on November 25 of 2020. For this, I am very grateful to my friend, who encouraged me to send my CV to Singular.

What do you like the most about working at Singular?

Anastasia: I like the people that work here the most. I appreciate their professionalism and positive attitude towards the job they are doing. I also like that they are nice to each other. 

Mikheil: What I like the most about working at Singular is the team I am working with. Followed by this is the friendly/professional environment that not only allows me to develop and improve my knowledge in the iGaming industry but also improves a wide variety of skills, such as communicating, learning from my teammates, and sharing knowledge.

Saba: What I like the most is the different management styles. It is very different from most Georgian companies. It’s my first experience in such a company as Singular and I LOVE IT!

Anastasia Akhvlediani, App Support Engineer

When it comes to the team part of the work, what’s your experience like being a new team member while working from home?

Anastasia: Despite the fact that I did not know any of my teammates in person, I felt very welcome from the very first day. Most of the time we call each other, which makes it possible for us to work on some tasks together. There is no doubt that in-person communication can be much better but at this point, we are embracing the capabilities of virtual communication and continue to work without fail. 

Mikheil: I thought it would be hard to become a part of the team during quarantine times as we were only able to meet each other virtually, but everything turned out fine. We shared the initiative to know each other better, so we used a virtual environment to the fullest. We have meetings and communicate every day and it feels like I know these people for a long time. 

Saba: It seems hard, but we are communicating with each other almost every time we have something to discuss. It simplifies communication problems. It’s not like chatting in-person, but it’s better than nothing.

What’s the go-to productivity hack that helps you stay top-notch?

Anastasia: I usually list everything I have to do that day. It really helps to put things into perspective. Once I complete one task, I cross it out and move on to the next one until all of them are completed.  

Mikheil: Good sleep and coffee in the morning do their job all the time. Also, I try to be focused fully on the task while working. I try to communicate important information to my teammates so that they can learn from my experience and use it in the future and vice versa.

Saba: Coffee in the morning, without it you can’t do anything. After that, I prioritize tasks and of course – music! It makes everything much better.

Overall, describe how you feel working at Singular by using just one word.

Anastasia: Grateful

Mikheil: Awesome

Saba: Perfetto (with Italian accent) 

Saba Khmaladze, App Support Engineer

And last, but not least. We know that you do during the day, but what’s your superpower by night? Any hobbies you want to share with us?

Anastasia: I mostly spend my free time coding, working on my side projects just for fun. Other than that, I really enjoy making art so I paint from time to time. 

Mikheil: Whenever I have free time, I try to travel and discover new places that are less-known. Also, I love discovering places for off-roading and go there with my vehicle, which is always ready to follow me and conquer mountain tops/difficult roads. 😊

Saba: It’s not a hobby, but I really like fishing. It calms me down – you just sit, looking at the calm sea and wait for a fish to catch (most of the time I don’t catch anything, but still 😀 )

We’re sure that the Core Team will continue their successful work, especially with such tech talent working behind the scenes. At Singular, we’re always searching for employees who align with our mission, vision, and team culture. You can check out the current job opportunities we offer and apply to join the team. If you would like to work as a developer in iGaming, then Singular is the place to work. 😎 #BeOutstanding

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