Meet Tamta, Kakha, and Elene, Our Newbies at Singular Tbilisi

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Nothing makes us proud as welcoming bright, talented people as part of the Singular Team. 😀 We always make sure to choose the right teammates who will not only be the perfect fit for the job, but also for their team as well! In our new #MeetTheNewbies article, we want you to meet Tamta, Kakha, and Elene, the newbies from our Tbilisi Office. We were impatient to get to know them better, so if you are wondering how they started their Singular Story just as much as we did, just scroll along. 👇👇

First things first – let’s spill some beans!
Tell us a bit about yourself 🙂

Tamta: Hi, I’m Tamta, an organizational psychologist. I am currently part of the Singular HR team, holding the position of HR manager, participating in and working on various projects.

Kakha: Hello! I am Kakha Gujejiani. This year I graduated from Ilia State University and now I work as a Front-End Developer in Singular. I love playing football, watching movies, meeting new people, and coding.

Elene: Hello there, I am Elene, currently working as a Product Owner at Singular and trying to do Outstanding work with an Outstanding team.

We’re also curious to know what made you choose your profession?

Tamta: Since my profession and hobbies are not very far from each other, I love to observe, explore, learn, and strive to apply professional knowledge wherever it can be useful. So, one of the possible solutions for me was to try my best in the HR team.

Kakha: A bit strange, but the pandemic helped me find my favorite profession. During the pandemic, I got more time being at home, so I decided to learn something new and after I wrote a few lines of code, the ball started moving around on the canvas. 😀  My admiration and pleasure were proof that I had found my favorite thing to do in the future and after that, I kept doing my best to progress and learn more and more every day.

Elene: There’s this saying that the Product Owner is not the one who dictates but the one who persuades. I believe that’s the aspect of the job that I enjoy the most: having to communicate with other individuals and persuade them to follow your vision. You have to adjust your arguments to their languages and their goals, therefore a strong dosage of empathy is required. You are also a lifelong learner and a problem solver. That’s how I see myself and that’s the reason why I decided to follow the Product Owner path.

So, how did your journey with Singular begin?

Tamta: With a single call and several interviews. :)))

Kakha: My journey with Singular started last year as I joined the Internship program. I was a recommended candidate from the Bitcamp community. During this internship, I did my best to become part of this amazing team. It’s my first experience in this exciting field and I think I am in the right place where I can grow much more ^_^.

Elene: My journey with Singular began as a client several years ago and eventually I became a member of an outstanding team.

From left to right - Tamta Marghania, Kakha Gujejiani, Elene Jokhadze

What do you like the most about working at Singular?

Tamta: Adequate autonomy when doing my job. Being heard and not stressed.

Kakha: I like the friendly atmosphere here the most. ^^ Singular is like a family which is eagerly awaiting its new members, and each new member does not feel like a stranger, but as if their place has always been for them in this company. I think this friendly atmosphere is one of the secrets of Singular’s success.

Elene: The people, without a doubt. Everyone is eager to go the extra mile, which is something I appreciate about my job and there is always the opportunity to learn something new.

What’s your experience like being the new team member while working from home?

Tamta: It was a rather unique and somewhat difficult experience, but thanks to my team members, and not only them, but everything, I was able to adapt quickly and enjoy the challenges of my new job.

Kakha: I thought it would be a little difficult to work from home, but the good atmosphere even in the online world of Singular made this process easier for me.

Elene: Challenging but tolerable. Obviously, it was difficult at first, but I think I’ve adapted to it.

What’s your go-to productivity hack that helps you stay top-notch?

Tamta: It may sound cliche but prioritize and decide the most important things first, try to find something interesting and motivating when performing tasks, even the routine ones, and have a good rest.

Kakha: Getting up early in the morning and doing some exercises really boosts my productivity, as well as a good breakfast )) ^

Elene: I always attempt to follow the 4 Ds: Do it, Delegate it, Defer it, or Delete It, which has proven to be a very effective method for increasing productivity from my perspective.

Overall, describe how you feel working at Singular by using just one word.

Tamta: Outstanding

Kakha: Adventurous

Elene: Outstanding

And last, but not least. We know that you’re doing during the day, but what’s your super power by night? Any hobbies you want to share with us?

Tamta: Writing, learning, teaching, creating, thinking, walking, talking, gardening, etc. 😀 Not necessarily in this order.

Kakha: It’s become like a hobby for me to learn something new every day. 😀 So, I spend some time reading articles, watching conferences, etc., – learning things that I know will be useful for me in the future.

Elene: In my spare time, I’m infatuated with traveling since it allows me to unplug from my daily routine. Traveling, in general, broadens the mind and widens the perspectives, resulting in lifelong memories. That is why I am so enamored with it.

It was such a pleasure getting to know Tamta, Kakha, and Elene! We’re so happy to have all three of you as part of our growing Singular Team. Getting to know the #SingularStory of our teammates is so fun, and we can’t wait for you to meet our next newbies!

However, maybe you can also be the next teammate that we’re going to present in our future #MeetTheNewbies articles! Check out the current job opportunities we offer and apply to join the team. If you would like to start or upgrade your tech career in a fast-paced and dynamic industry, then Singular is the place to be. 😎 #BeOutstanding

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