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Having in mind that the QA engineers handle different tasks with various complexity levels, the best solution is having a diverse team. From members with the ability to work on repetitive task with high focus, to the ones that seek for perfection in things, or the ones that look deep into the root of an issue. Last but not least newbies with passion and thirst for knowledge.

Seeking for fresh ideas and enthusiasm, our QA team was reinforced with four new team members 👏🏼🎊.

You can’t miss them! They are the extremely positive and energetic folks that will cheer you up in a second. They started as interns three months ago, but instantly became part of the Singular family.

Always cheerful, devoted and eager to learn, here are our QAvengers:

1. Kristijan — the classy rebel

Singular — Your Space To Grow

#1 What made you choose Singular?

As everyone does, I researched the company before applying for an internship. I really liked the position for a QA intern, and I really got into the company mindset when I read about the process of hiring and the values Singular promotes. I knew that this is the right place for me when I saw that they look for a right balance of aptitudefortitude and attitude in a single person. Part a hitchhiker, part a freelancer and part a padawan.

#2 What does your ideal work day look like?

My ideal work day starts at 5am. First I get up, and go to the gym. After that, I have breakfast and shower and head to the nearby café for strong coffee and scroll down the latest news. I usually arrive at the office at 8 and start the day full with energy and motivation. The rest of the day is combination of hard work and socializing with my teammates, mostly having good times in a positive working environment.

#3 Which is your favorite TV show and why?

Favorite TV show, if I had to pick one, I would say Friends. It’s the best comedy ever, the mix of characters and their combination of simple jokes and sarcasm is perfect. Although you can’t identify yourself completely with a single character, you recognize yourself and the people you know with some traits in every character on the show. I’ve watched that show more than 15 times and I always laugh again and again. That’s what makes it special.

2. Draga — the singing engineer

Clear communication

#1 What was the biggest challenge when you started working in Singular?

Given that this is my first working experience in this industry, the biggest challenge for me was to be able to cope with the responsibilities that this job brings. However thanks to my amazing mentors and encouraging colleaguesI easily got through it 😊.

#2 What kind of work environment or culture inspires you to do your best work?

Environment that gives enough space and enables employees to grow. There should be healthy teamwork, good communication and mutual understanding between each team member.

A workplace where individual ideas are respected and good work and knowledge are appreciated — and that’s exactly what I got in Singular.

A bonus to that, I get a good laugh with my lovely teammates every day which makes me love my workplace even more 😊

#3 Three things you would take with you on a deserted island?

Okaay that’s a tough one…Hmm I would definitely take my boyfriend,coffee and some good book (or even better a whole library)📚.

Also, a boat would be a smart idea or maybe even a helicopter. But then again, I would need a surviving kit and of course a microphone and stereo because I can’t live without music… Okay I don’t know, I’m a Libra it’s always hard for me to decide. I guess I would have to keep away from landing on a deserted island ⚖️😊.

3. Ivana — the pretty geek

Teamwork makes the dream work

#1 Which Singular values resonate most with you?

It may sound cliche, but every single value of Singular resonates with my personality, that’s why I’m here. For me, in every aspect of life two things are most important — appreciation and respect. We all want to be respected for who we are and to be appreciated for what we do — and that’s the first thing I noticed in this company. Singular is one big puzzle, and each and every part of it helps creating the big picture.

#2 What is the best part of working here?

The best part of working here? Hmm there are many things… Number one, without a doubt, it’s the working environment that my teammates create. They always encourage one another which helped me become more confident in the past three months.

It’s great to be surrounded by positive people that care about their company and do their best to achieve more as a team. Knowing that you can rely on the people with whom you work every day is priceless.

#3 What is your favourite cartoon character and why?

Right question for the right person. I used to sit by the TV and watch every single cartoon that was shown 😄…But from all of them there are two specific characters I admire.

Mickey and Minnie are probably one of the cutest and funniest in the cartoon world. By the way, my boyfriend’s nickname is Mickey (Miki) … so he is my Mickey and I am his Minnie… 😊

4. Verche — the upbeat techie

Hard work and fun always go together

#1 What are you currently working on?

I am assigned as Junior Quality Assurance Engineer in the Singular team. Currently, I am working on testing SLOT games, but I’ve also worked on Sportsbook. I find my work fun, but at the same time very challenging and exciting. I’m eager to learn as much as possible and I am willing to adapt to variety of projects.

#2 What is your morning ritual at the office?

A coffee lover cannot imagine to start a day without coffee. I usually drink half of it with my colleagues at the terrace and after that I start my working day. One other thing which I do very often is trying to unlock the door from the office building with my bus card 😄. Somehow this has became my morning routine. Don’t blame me, I’m not a morning person.

#3 What superpower you wish you had?

If I need to choose only one superpower, I would definitely choose the ability to travel through time. I could witness every scientific breakthrough, or party with Hemingway, or even drink beer with Arthur Guinness. The chance to explore the future, have endless adventures in every time frame and experience everything there is firsthand. I would also take my close ones with me, and share that extraordinary experience with them.

Singular offers different types of internships covering all applied technologies from Java and Front-End Developers to DevOps and Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers. This was just a glance at Singular life. If you want to be part of this story visit our culture web to learn about other career opportunities.

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