New Office, Same Outstanding Team: Singular Skopje Opening Party

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As the end of the year approaches, we look back to one major event that took place this Autumn. Singular Skopje’s team has started working from our new office and we celebrated it with a grand opening party. The truth is, the Singular team has been growing continuously for so long, that we eventually outgrew our old offices. So, this party has a larger meaning for us. It wasn’t just any party, but the beginning of a new chapter in the #SingularStory.

Cheers to new beginnings!

A party like no other

We want it to be the best Singular party our teammates have ever been to. That’s why we’ve been preparing the party with the smallest of details on our minds. There was a lot of work put into this event, and having the right people by our side helped us achieve our vision of having a grand opening party.

The party started at 8 PM on a Saturday night. The weather wasn’t really on our side, but with the right organization and party attitude, it didn’t stop us from having fun! 🥳 The party took place on our rooftop café that has an amazing view of the neighborhood.

We had all the party essentials: a DJ, cocktails, fancy food, and of course, an official ribbon-cutting ceremony. Our three co-founders Darko Gacov, Akaki Meladze, and George Shamugia gave a welcome speech and together cut the red ribbon – a special moment for all of us!

The more, the merrier

What made this event even more special is that we had team guests from our Georgia and Malta offices. It’s been a real joy having them here at Skopje because this was a wonderful experience to share with fellow teammates. Unfortunately, we didn’t celebrate the whole Singular Team together, but we’re sure there will be another get-together soon. Veery soon. 😉

A couple of teammates from our Sliema and Tbilisi office. ❤️

Seeing our team grow in the past couple of years is proof of all the outstanding work that’s been done. It wasn’t an easy road, but it’s certainly a fun one with the right teammates. We can go on and on about this party and tell you how fun and meaningful it was. But, it would be better if you take a look at the photos and see it yourself. ⬇️

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