SINGULAR IN CYPRUS: Why This Get-Together Is the Best One Yet

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We love December at Singular. It is full of festive spirit and many holiday activities. But, this past year, there was one thing that stood out from everything – our team get-together in Cyprus.

Whoa… Cyprus? In winter? Oh, yes. 😎 It was warm, sunny (at least most of the time), and breezy, with perfect sunset views from the beach. Our visit lasted for four days full of rest, relaxation, and discovering beautiful corners on this side of the Mediterranean.

Our little Cyprus adventure is full of big memories we are going to cherish for a long time. And, until the next #outstanding get-together comes, we are holding on to our favorite moments of this trip. 👇


The whole #SingularTeam came together

…And for the first time ever! We were based in the seaside city of Limassol and stayed at a wonderful 5 stars resort with direct access to the beach. Needless to say, the whole place was perfect for taking sunset photos from the infinity pool and staying up late with the team.

We celebrated one year as a Flutter brand

The biggest recognition of all the hard work we put into our software and vision for growth and success. It’s been a year since we joined the #FlutterFamily and we’re super proud of what we achieved as a team during this time and beyond. Read more about it HERE.

Had the most #outstanding NY party

How often do you go to a New Year party in Cyprus? 😁 Well, that’s how awesome our annual NY party was. And, the thing that makes this one so dear to us is that it is also the first party with all Singular teams in one place.

Lots of team bonding & fun

It’s been a while since we went anywhere as a team given how the pandemic affected office life in the past few years. Now that we had the chance to meet new teammates and greet old ones, we realized how much we missed having fun with the team. But, also, how much it has grown too!

Cyprus was FANTASTIC

Everything related to our get-together was amazing. But, the destination itself is the cherry on top. We got to enjoy all the perks of the Mediterranean in winter and it’s been a real joy sharing this experience with the whole Singular team. Cyprus, you have a special place in our hearts. 🫶

We can go on and on about how much fun we had in Cyprus. But, we’ll let the photos below speak for themselves. 👀 The truth is, our get-together there is one of the many reasons why it’s awesome being part of the Singular team. If you want to join us and get all the perks and benefits that come with us, that’s great because we’re hiring. Check out our Career page for more info.

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