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Ana Jovanova joined Singular round 4 months ago as the Product Owner of the Sportsbook team. She plans and prioritizes the product team’s tasks, following company vision, ensuring that the team always has an adequate amount of prior prepared tasks to work on. 

Ana shares with us how to keep the team’s workflow as planned while working from home. 

Nowadays we do our daily team sync via Slack which has been one of the collaborative tools we have used vigorously even before. The number of calls has definitely increased to make up for all the ad-hoc interactive syncs at the office for exchange of ideas, tackling unexpected issues etc. Organizing the work remotely does not pose as a problem. The social aspect is the one thing we all miss, I believe.says Ana, Product Owner at Singular.

“The remote working adds another crucial responsibility and that is the perception for the team motivation and efficiency to keep the pace and cope with the expected deliveries.”

Perks of working from home?

Avoiding traffic crowds, and no commute time. But, if there is one thing that I will miss from working from home is my furry assistant… Having my cat on my lap all day long :).


Final advice for everyone who is working remotely?

Stay positive, motivated, productive, trying to preserve the boundaries between personal and professional. 

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