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Lika joined Singular around 6 months ago as the Project Manager of the Casino Core team. Her main responsibilities are leading the team, organizing and planning the working process, controlling and monitoring progress, facilitating events, etc.

We speak with Lika about her day-to-day routine while working from home.

#1 What do you miss the most from your office life?

Getting ready for the office 😊. This may come as a surprise, but I enjoy getting up early, getting dressed, and commuting to work. 

Since we are working from home now, I no longer need to do that. But, I still try to keep a  morning routine where I get out of my pajamas into something comfy, but presentable. It gives me that extra boost of motivation to seize the day 😊.

#2 How do you keep yourself and the team motivated?

I think sticking to the plan is the best motivation hack. We still follow our daily agenda and kick-start with a regular 10am stand-up meeting via Slack. However, we have to acknowledge that the circumstances are different. I always try to bring something new to the meetings and give practical advice. 

“Most importantly I do my best to listen to my teammates and learn if anyone has a concern or obstacle that I can assist with.”

There are some positive things that we can get out of this as well. From one side, I have noticed that working from home has pushed everyone to be more independent. On the other side, meetings are even more effective and people are actually looking forward to them. I guess they make up for the lack of social interaction. 

#3 Final advice for everyone who is working remotely?

✅Try to create a working atmosphere at home, highlight the workplace, and arrange it in order to create comfort. 

✅Always start and finish work on time, try to create a weekly plan, and stick to it.

✅Wake up early despite the fact that you do not need to go to work. 

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