Cryptocurrencies — Singular Tech Talk

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On December 21st, Singular hosted its first public tech talk. The topic was cryptocurrencies — something everyone seems to be discussing these days. Singular’s tech talk focused on the blockchain technology.

The presenter was Giorgi Botsvadze, one of the developers at Singular GE office. He delivered an insightful and educating presentation about topics listed below:

  • Blockchain technology;
  • Public & Private ledger;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Mining;
  • Smart Contracts.
Giorgi Botsvadze

We asked Giorgi to share his thoughts:

I decided to talk about blockchain because this technology has become very popular. But, some people still are in the dark, they think this is some kind of sketchy pyramid selling. I will discuss the technical perspective of the blockchain. This should help people better understand the technology and its potential.

After Giorgi presented the topics, there was a Q & A session.


After the educational part there was a beer a networking section . This was the first in the series of tech talks that Singular is planing to organize.

Are you interested in the blockchain technology but didn’t get a chance to attend the tech talk? Don’t worry. “The Opportunities of the Blockchain Technology” has all the relevant points.
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