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Another day, another Career Map. This time we are proud to introduce you to David Chkhitunidze and his #SingularStory. David’s story at Singular begins in 2019 as a software engineer. Fast forward to the present, now he is a successful tech lead, who worked his way through the ranks. Learn more about David and his career journey in this instalment of Career Map.

David’s Singular Story

I joined the company back in 2019 as an intermediate back-end developer. I went through a path full of challenges, but my purposefulness and effort allowed me to overcome those challenges. That’s what led to my promotion several times during this time. Now I’m a Tech Lead in this, I can say – home company, which gave me a lot of opportunities and experience in several positions. Under the word “home” I mean these outstanding people who have made a huge contribution to mine and the company’s development.

I think the most important skill for success is a strong personality, which means facing all obstacles without giving up. – David Chkhitunidze

David Chkhitunidze, Tech Lead at Singular Tbilisi

Which technologies are you working with?

Despite being a leader, I am primarily a tech person who started his career by simply learning a programming language – C#. This skill enabled me to start my first job, where I initially met the IT industry, and I can boldly say that I fell in love. The interest gradually became bigger and bigger, and with time my knowledge also increased. I studied communication with databases, data processing with intermediary technologies, and visually presenting the same data to the user. Various tools helped me in all this, such as SQL, C # with .NET (ASP.NET Core WEB API), HTML, CSS, JavaScript (TypeScript) with Angular or React, and some related frameworks and techniques.

The most challenging part of your work?

The biggest challenge in my work is being responsible as a technical leader. This includes not only the technical part of the job but also the people who do the job. Therefore, a Tech Lead has to perform tasks such as the introduction of modern technologies, regular checking of the code quality, coaching of teammates, conducting Tech Talks, etc. So, I can say:

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben 🙂

The most important skill a person should develop to be successful in this profession?

I think the most important skill for success is a strong personality, which means facing all obstacles without giving up. Such a person will be able to run any business, no matter local or global. Also, self-confidence is no less important skill that plays a very big role in personality development. Finally, a strong person with self-confidence and knowledge will make all the impossible possible.

Being in charge of a whole team is a big responsibility, that entails knowing the workload as much as the people. We appreciate David being a member of our team and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Well done for persevering and for overcoming all of the obstacles

No challenge is too big!  Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting and you want to #BeOutstanding, then look no further! Check out all of Singular’s open positions here, and hopefully, you will be featured in a future Career Map.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out David’s Career Map bellow! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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