The journey from land-based to an online casino

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he online gambling market is a lucrative industry with 13 billion euros in revenues from the EU only (EU Commission). If you have successful land-based operations, you have all the more reasons to familiarize yourself with the WHYs and HOWs of opening an online casino.

The rise of digital

Digital has become an imperative for staying competitive for regions, countries, and companies. According to the Global Connectivity Index (GCI) 2017, every additional US$1 invested in ICT Infrastructure could bring a return of up to US$5 in GDP from 2016 to 2025.

No wonder countries have put an extra effort to accelerate their digital transformation. This creates new demand on the market, and shapes novel approaches in traditional businesses.


The Devil is in the Details

The simple logic behind online casino is that players can play and wager on casino games via the internet. This enables them to play from the comfort of their own homes, placing a bet while queuing, or even betting on the go. In addition, people that may not have had access to a land based casino before, can now enter the gambling world.This means that the number of potential casino players surges exponentially in the online space. Recent report from Newzoo shows that mobile generates 37% of the global games market.

Online casino – same business different approach

Your first thought may be that all you need to do to run a successful online casino is to emulate what happens at the physical location. While partially you are correct, you will soon learn that you are entering an environment with much greater potential. At the same time facing higher complexity, bigger demands, and different customers’ preferences.

I take you through the key areas of crucial importance for the success of starting an online casino.

1. Choosing the market

Online gaming operations depend heavily on the country’s laws and regulations. Before you choose your target market familiarize yourself with the procedure for obtaining a licence for online casino.

Local tax laws
Countries’ budget increase from online gambling taxes has been a major incentive for the legalization of gambling operations. This often means excessive high taxes for operators.

Digital readiness and market preferences
Get info on the internet penetration in the region and the quality of the internet. Also, analyze market’s preferences. For example, Swedish bettors prefer less frequent wins, but big amounts, while Japanese gamers hype on frequent, but symbolic gains.

The Software providers often have a data-bank of their own that can give you insight on both the state of legalization, as well as the market’s maturity for online betting operations.

Make sure to make the most of your partner’s knowledge.

2. More demanding customers

Online casino

The online casino may open the door to an exponential number of players, but getting their undivided attention may be more challenging than you think.

You need a partner that will provide your customers ample variety of games, user friendly interface, easy access from multiple channels (desktop, mobile and retail) and ability to pay with multiple currencies.

Game variety
Look beyond the owned games by the software provider. Choose a platform that offers vast integrations with third party games. Even better, gain edge over the competition by offering a unique type of game for your market. Check “Natsarkekia” game based on a popular Georgian fairy tale which we created exclusively for Adjarabet.

Retention strategies

Finally, look for the innovative minds. The ones that understand the playground and are familiar with the players’ nature. They should be able to offer different incentives for betting like different bonus systems, free bets, cash out functionality and other automated promotions.

Go beyond cash awards. Link your gifts to other products. Expand your customer’s horizons beyond their favourite game for placing bets. For example, the player who lost on online poker can receive a free buy-in to poker tournament.

Remember that, in the online gambling world, placing bets is more than playing for money, the demanding digital players look for the ultimate recreational experience.

Give them exactly that. Add animations and voice-overs to your poker tournaments, make the experience more fun and real-life as much as you can. Award free spins, free bets, and most importantly keep constant communication with your players.

3. Leverage online complexity

online complexity

Entering a digital landscape implies higher potential, but also much more complexity. In order to be able to benefit from the pros and manage the challenges you need a powerful software.

Scalable and powerful back office
Given the access to an exponential number of players, you need a scalable and powerful back office that can handle all that traffic in any given time without crushing. Singular’s platform can handle 10,000+ transactions/bets per second.

Mobile betting
Online players are dynamic, and want the ability to wager on the go. Providing customers with the opportunity to place bets from different channels (mobile, web and retail) increases the lifetime value of the players.

Data feeds
Make sure you have high level data feeds that will empower your trading. The best solution is for your software provider to either provide their own data feeds or have integrations with several feed providers.

Powerful reports
Think on the long run. You need powerful complex reporting that will give you better insight in your customers gambling behavior. This will help you better shape your acquisition and retention strategies. Note that, you don’t only need players’ reports, but also BI tool that will empower your decision making.

4. Risk management

Risk management

Last, but definitely not least, pay attention on the provider’s’ security protection from the various threads existing in the online business. Find a software provider which offers a solid risk management system.

Prevention is better than the cure. Make sure the software solution gives you an overview over the operations and advanced fraud control. Place filter-based rules that would reject a ticket, accept a ticket, auto-decrease the odds or else based on the limits you place. Here, the experience and knowledge of the software provider can be of great benefit since they can assist you in setting up more secured rules.

Encourage responsible gaming. Provide features that allows player to set personal limits. For example, players can cut all the contact with the system for a specific period of time, or they can indicate x amount which is the maximum amount of cash that he or she can deposit. By creating a safe environment for your players you build trust and long-term relationship.

As in every industry, especially B2B, the choice of your partner may be the make or break for your business. Make sure to choose a software provider with previous proven experience in the gambling industry that has knowledge in the key areas for online casino.

Moreover, partner with a professional, but an enthusiastic one. Someone who is equally experienced, but also has the passion and energy of a “rookie”. Moreover, choose the software provider that will not only guide you through the journey of opening an online casino, but also has a retail solution that can innovate your existing land-based operations. Most importantly, can help you build convergence of players, both, online and offline.


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