The Next HOT Thing in Sports Betting ? The Ultimate Cash-Out Feature

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WHY is this feature the next HOT thing in sports betting? Because punters love it for two main reasons:

  • gives them a bit more security when placing bets;
  • makes the betting process more exciting, especially in live betting;

It is simple. Punters bet more when they feel in control.

Give them the chance to secure a certain money amount with THE ULTIMATE CASHOUT feature. More important, give them options.


Allows punters to cash out part of a bet at any point, in the middle of the action, during or before an event has even started.


Punters can use the cashout option more than one time on a single ticket. As the chances of winning change, an offer for cash out will increase or decrease.

What about the busy punters not having the time to check results frequently?
With the AUTO CASHOUT option, the punter can now create a rule which will activate automatic cashout if the ticket reaches a certain amount. Also, punters feel more confident to bet on matches playing in different time zones because they can now secure a minimum desired win, regardless whether they are able to watch the game or not.

NOTE: This amount is always lower than the total winning amount of the ticket.

Ultimate Cash Out

Even your grandma can use it 😊

The Cashout option has the ultimate user-friendly interface. All that players need to do is move the slider to different positions, and the amount for cashout at that given point is immediately given. Additionally there is a displayed information on how much the ticket would get extra if the bet went on to win.


1. Smart controls

The Cashout option is available everywhere on demand and easily configurable per selected sports, leagues, countries, matches or match odds using the smart controls.

2. Limited exposure

Operators can minimize their exposure by controlling the commission rate for each cashout.

3. Dynamic odds

The cashout allows pre-match to live transition taking into account the dynamic odds of live matches when a punter uses the cashout option even though the initial bet was placed pre-match.

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