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The small Mediterranean island offers plenty of opportunities for startups, so it’s no surprise that they have seen significant growth in recent years. The country best known for its gaming and gambling sector offers excellent opportunities for those wishing to start a business there. Providing an English speaking community, a healthy and safe work environment, and state-backed company support many have chosen to build their business on the island.

Here we collected some of the most promising startups you can look out for in 2020.


Energy Efficiency

The first blockchain-based platform that enables contributors to reap the energy savings of energy efficiency projects worldwide. The goal of the whole platform is to enable everyone to participate and enjoy the benefits of global energy efficiency projects while increasing energy efficiency.


The world’s first global video-sharing platform on the blockchain.

You no longer have to read a lot of text reviews and worry about their reliability. BeMyWays focuses on video content and sets a standard for its quality.

They believe that videos can provide the most reliable information.

Their platform is designed to be easy to access, so you can easily make videos with your smartphone or camera, set it up to music or just talk. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced blogger either with professional equipment or simply a person who has a dream and a concept.

BeMyWays’ structure is designed to meet users’ needs by using technologies that would have been unimaginable years ago. Their goal is to be one of the many projects in the world that demonstrate the true effectiveness of blockchain technology in mass services.


Their purpose of essDOCS is to enable paperless trade.

They offer SaaS financial (fintech) and supply chain (SCtech) technology for export, trade, and logistics.

All of these are provided through the CargoDocs platform, which digitizes the creation and approval of original electronic documents (via DocHub) and exchange (via DocEx), and the essCert platform, which allows users to request copies, sign, stamp, and return. certificates required for global trade.

To reduce risk and for visibility and control, CargoDocs combines title, quality, condition, location and other important information. Key electronic documents covered include: bills of lading, warehouse warrants, certificates of origin, commercial invoices, inspectors certificates and more.


The payment system for social media and e-commerce is based on smart QR codes. The 9 microchips that come together make it simple, fast and easy to pay with your mobile. It gives you the opportunity to shop in online and physical stores as well. You can do internal currency exchange, automatically convert funds to the currency of your choice, and sell products and services on social media with the pCodes microsystem. The time from the first purchase pulse to the completion of the transaction is less than 8 seconds.

Make settlements in an easy and free way globally, in any currency you prefer. PTransfer allows you to transfer money between phone numbers and emails, and pTap allows you to pay without contact, while pMicroPay lets you pay online.

By cooperating with European bodies of financial oversight, the company protects the interests and privacy of its clients while keeping the highest standards of European financial enterprises.


ReaQta was founded by an elite team of offensive and defensive cybersecurity experts and machine research researchers. Combining this varied expertise, they built an effective, active defense intelligence platform.

Customers do not need highly trained staff, as ReaQta provides them with advanced detection and response capabilities. In addition, they gain the flexibility and speed to perform complex analyzes that have so far only been performed by highly qualified individuals. This dynamic approach protects not only existing organizations but also in the distant future. They can help any business continue its safe growth.


Be Outstanding!

Offering a colorful portfolio of iGaming and omnichannel solutions, Singular is already a well-established brand in the industry. Their competitiveness is based on three pillars: flexibility, reliability, and innovation. Each customer receives personalized service to help them with customized solutions. This sets them apart from other suppliers, as most of them strive to serve as many operators as possible at the same time. This will make their business successful in the long run.


They link IoT data providers, IoT data users and data scientists through an ecosystem in a controlled, fair and legal way. Technologies such as blockchain, AI and ML are used for social development and for empowering users of IoT devices.

Their vision is realized in Data2HONEY, a secure and decentralized personal IoT Data Vault that is connected to the market.

They are building the first global, standardized IoT data library.

Cannapharm Technologies Malta

This company is based on a young and ambitious community with many years of experience in the cannabis, agriculture, pharmaceutical and R&D sectors.

They believe in long-term and sustainable development based on basic research and the latest technological advances. They produce a variety of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other cannabis-based products.


They have an experienced and passionate team that provides high-tech security, automation, and self-service solutions. With in-depth industry knowledge, the customer is guided from the consultation stage through to the integration.

In the light of experience and industry knowledge, they are looking for innovative special solutions. Their automation solutions can reduce operating costs.

All in all, they provide top technological security, automation and self-service solutions.


It is a financial services company that provides life and health insurance. Its subsidiary, GlobalCapital Life Insurance Co. Ltd deals with life insurance products.

Another subsidiary provides health insurance services to its clients. In addition, they provide customized solutions to the specific niche market, both in the fund and investment markets. It has grown into a leading insurance company through which it operates a wide network of tied insurance intermediaries.

To maintain a high standard, their 100-member team provides fast, efficient, highly personal and private service to their clients. They have experience in developing in-house products, all tailored to meet customer needs.

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