Product team is an outstanding mix of developers, designers and project managers who deliver the product we take so much pride in. The team of tech nerds, talented artists and scrupulous organizing addicts are dedicated to creating Singular’s products. Distributed across the globe, the team tackles the most challenging projects together and delivers the product that doesn’t leave even the pickiest client unsatisfied.

Quality Assurance

With the ability to notice the slightest details, the QA team are our resident hawkeyes, making sure no bug shall pass. Once the product team is finished doing their magic, quality assurance checks for any errors and ensures every possible issue is prevented. Processes implemented by the QA team give us the confidence that the final product not only fulfills the quality requirements, but exceeds it.


Our DevOps heroes swoop in and save the day every time there’s an emergency. They provide tech support to our clients and our team. After the product is created and checked by the QA, the role of the Operations team becomes crucial. The smooth functioning of the software is their responsibility and pride. Operations team also takes care of the internal tech support and management.


The annoyingly energetic folks that are on a mission to let the world know how outstanding we are. Singular’s very own storytellers are content and communication experts, that will be most likely found humming the “Brand, Product, Culture” mantra. They are on a quest of growing the brand, communicating the company culture and promoting products.


The People team help the company culture grow and constantly try to make Singular a happy place to work. Empowerment line supports career growth of our existing teammates and, together with the marketing team, fosters the company culture. Envisioning line is in charge of recruiting and luring the best talent to work for Singular. They also make sure the onboarding process of every new teammate is smooth like butter.

Join Us

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