Why our front-end team choose Angular 6?

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Before we dive into the tech benefits of Angular 6, let’s first get to know the team. The Front-End (FE) team is distributed in two locations: Skopje and Tbilisi. The projects are also decentralized with few dependencies between the teams.  The blog post at hand tackles the challenges of developing an iGaming software. Moreover, how Angular 6 solves the same.

Working on a sports betting product is a real joy especially if you are a big sports fan like myself. I am focused on the development of the platform’s design and structure of the new control center. The FE team creates the environment for the end – users. Seamless communication with the Back-End (BE) team is crucial. The process is as follows. The BE team translates the business logic into data. While the FE team is responsible to display that data to the end user in a comprehensive and easy-to-use way. – Petar Veleski, Frontend Developer


a. The iGaming industry needs more innovation

If you have read our previous blog posts, you know that we create iGaming software. Moreover, software for sports betting. We make the betting game even more exciting. Singular Sportsbook is a product that is being upgraded on regular basis. By upgrading we don’t refer in simply releasing new features but innovating the product in its core.

We are working on an innovative solution. We aim to address the market’s needs, rather than the needs of a single client/operator. The goal is to develop unique sports betting solution. Moreover, a solution suitable for the worldwide operators’ needs. At the same time, they have the opportunity to personalize their betting offer. We combine the accumulated knowledge with our experience in the field. The purpose is to solve the hurdles of the sports betting industry. The feedback that we are getting up to now indicates that we are on the right track :). – Aleksandar Pavlovski, Business Analyst

project managers
Biljana and Martin balancing the two ends of the project 😊

b. Our answer?

We are now focused on creating a single point of control. Our clients can manage all the operations of their business from a brand new control center. It offers more than a simple generation of statistics. Our clients can now make data-driven decisions and optimize business’ margins. The most important part? Creating a tool that will help bookmakers to run their daily operations in an easy manner. Our FE team has created a platform with a user-friendly interface and intuitive design. – Biljana Trpkovska, Project Manager and Business Analyst


a. Dynamic sports data

Sports betting has a dynamic nature. It is all about timing and experience. You must have a reliable platform with rich betting offer. Also, your platform must have intuitive design and user-friendly interface. You must provide players with intriguing information. Keep them interested and engaged. This means a lot of dynamic data that requires a continuous refreshment of your web page.

The majority of web pages are static with a fixed number of pages, design, and content. But, in sports betting sites content is very dynamic and changes in runtime. Similar like in stock trading, odds are continuously running up and down. At one moment you can bet on something and the very next moment odd value can be drastically changed based on the game flow. Therefore it is essential to provide real-time information to the punter. For that reason the fast production and communication of data between the BE and FE team are crucial. The back-end generates the requested data while the front-end ensures suitable data rendering so that the punter can easily read the data and recognize data changes. – Biljana, PM, and BA

front end developers
The FE developers who create the ultimate UX 😊 Angel, Slavco and Petar (left to right)

b. Distributed team

There are few problems which are almost present between every distributed product groups:

  • Prioritizing work: meaning each team member is aware of the important tasks so he/she could perform a better time management
  • Tracking employees performance: ensuring that all planed job is finished in the most efficient way and planned time-frame
  • Lack of team cohesion: less oversight of the remote employees, which usually results with micromanagement

Daily stand-ups(meetings), clear and transparent scope planning alongside using JIRA, has proven to be the ‘iron triangle’ for overcoming the mentioned risks of managing a remote team. Martin Trajkovski, Project Manager.

c. Reliability and speed

If there is one thing you can not allow in iGaming is your web page to crash. This is unacceptable for any web page in any industry, but in sports betting your clients lose money. A lot of money. And this is beyond unacceptable. So high up-time of your web page is crucial.

One of the key benefits of Angular 6 is the service workers feature. It increases performance and reliability of the software. The service workers reload the latest cached data. The new version loads only when an update is installed and ready to use. This is particularly useful for the mobile application. The app can be up and running even when the user is offline. It reloads the cached data improving the user experience. – Angel Filov, Frontend Developer

d. Continuous innovation

Needless to say, the new code must work in a seamless way with the existing one. Most importantly, you have to avoid any duplication or redundancy of code.

The modularity of Angular enables for the creation of components. We apply Angular components in more than one place inside the code. On the long run, components save us from a lengthy and complicated code. – Petar Veleski, Frontend Developer


We create software worldwide. For that reason, we aim to create easily recognizable product, both, in performance and design. More important, as mentioned before, our ultimate goal is creating ultimate betting experience.

Google’ s material designs have proven very useful for creating end-users journey on the platform. They represent a design guide on how to develop and structure your application. For example, it provides with the specific color unique for particular action button. Moreover, supplies you with guidelines for organizing entire sections of the web page. Makes the web page development fast and very straightforward. We aim to maintain a cohesive look of our product across platforms. We believe this makes the solution even more reliable and recognizable.- Slavco Mitevski, Frontend Developer

Front-End development
Behind the scenes 😂

We believe in “Sharing is caring”. For that reason, we share with the world our endeavors in developing an innovative software for the iGaming industry. For more stories like this subscribe to our newsletter below 😊.

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